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No. Every insurance companies are required those applicants to have at least one car to avain a car insurance.

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Q: Can you get car insurance with out owning a car?
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Can a felon have vehicle insurance?

Yes. Car insurance is mandatory for anyone owning a car, including felons.

Can you get car insurance without owning a car?

Yes, You can look around for a Non-Owners Insurance Policy

Can you get car insurance without having a title?

depending on the state you live in you COULD get insurance without owning a CAR. Ask your insurance professional about it.

In what situations do you need temporary car insurance?

Situations when you need a temporary car insurance include renting/leasing a car for personal or business use, temporarily owning a car, or temporarily owning a car before giving it to someone else.

Does owning a car make your insurance less expensive?

It depends on what type of car you own.

Can you get insurance on your license even if you do not own a car?

I believe you can get liability and perhaps uninsured motorist insurance without owning a car.

Can you get car insurance without owning a car that will cover you on rentals and driving other people's cars?

rentals should have insurance if you dont have a car get a trader poll to drive any thing

Name a big problem with owning a big car?

Gas Parking Insurance Payments Maintenance

What happens if you cannot afford auto insurance?

Most states require insurance. You should think of auto insurance as part of the cost of owning a car... if you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the car and shouldn't have one.

Can your license be revoke for driving someones elses car who did not have insurance no accident?

Let me state that the person owning the car did not have insurance on their car. a licensed driver borrowed car to run to town, and pulled over due to they ran the tags and tickets outstanding to the owner. They suspended the drivers license and not the owner of the car who did not have the insurance. The owner never even recieved a ticket for no insurance.

When was Owning an Electric Car created?

Owning an Electric Car was created in 2010.

What are some expenses you will encounter in owning a car?

Some expenses associated with car ownership include repair, maintenance, taxes, fuel, tires, licenses, and insurance.

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