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Yes you can receive both of his Dual Citizenship.

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Can children born in America to an American mother and british dad get dual citizenship?

Yes absolutely! Your child will have dual citizenship: • American citizenship by birth in the United States ["lex soli" ] • British citizenship by descent being born to a British citizen ["lex sanguinis"]

Why the US does not recognize dual citizenship?

The US recognizes dual citizenship.

Can a person still carry dual citizenship?

yes i have dual citizenship

If an American marries an Australian do they have dual citizenship?

the US does not recognize dual citizenship.

Do the Philippines have dual citizenship with the us?

No, the government of the Philippines does not allow dual citizenship.

Which countries does India share dual citizenship with?

India does not allow dual citizenship.

Does Thailand allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Thailand allows dual citizenship.

What is the meaning of dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship or dual nationality is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of another country. Not every country will grant dual citizenship.

Will your child have dual citizenship if born in the UK if mom is American and dad is british?

I don't' think so. I think the child will be of British citizenship if born in the UK.

Can a British citizen hold dual citizenship with Russian citizenship?

Yes, both countries allow dual citizenship.

What dual citizen ship?

Dual citizenship is when one has citizenship rights in two countries.

Can British Citizen get dual citizenship in US?

Only if they're both with dual citizenship.

What is the difference between dual citizenship and dual allegiance?

No difference in the meaning but when people talk about immigration and citizenship topics, almost all of them use the term 'dual citizenship'.

Australian Citizen with English grandmother do I qualify for dual citizenship?

Yes you do qualify for dual citizenship.

Does Brazil allow dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship has been allowed in Brazil since 1994.

Does the Dominican Republic allows dual citizenship?

Yes, many of the Dominican citizens have dual citizenship.

You are Bangladeshi Canadian and you have dual citizenship How can your Bangladeshi husband become Canadian?

Hi There Currently I hold Canadian passport however I was born in Bangladesh. Do I have to have dual citizenship or I have dual citizenship?

Why is double citizenship illegal?

Dual citizenship (or dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. Many countries don't accept dual citizenship, so you would have to make specific inquiries.

Who does Israel allow to have dual citizenship?

Israel allows dual citizenship for those who immigrate to Israel based on Law of Return (aliyah): you have to be Jewish to qualify to hold dual citizenship in Israel.

What is the difference between dual and double citizenship?

Dual citizenship means full citizenship of one country and partial citizenship of the other country whereas double citizenship means full citizenship of both the countries.

Can a US citizen hold dual citizenship in Mexico?

Yes. Both countries accept dual citizenship.

Does France have dual citizenship?

France accepts dual citizenship for its citizens, provided that the other country accepts it.

Does Poland allow dual citizenship?

The rules of dual citizenship are quite easy to understand. Most countries neither deny or recognizes dual citizenship. However, if you are a dual citizen you must enter the country with the country's passport you own.

What is the difference between single and dual citizenship?

Hi, if you are born in a country you get a citizenship of that country ( that is single citizenship). If you migrate to another country and get a citizenship from that country but you do not want to give up the citizenship of your home country then it is a dual citizenship.

Can you apply for dual citizenship of the US and Portugal?

You can apply for dual citizenship to the USA and almost any other country. Many more people than you might think hold dual citizenship. But the road to dual citizenship, with only a few exceptions, is long, twisting and full of "gotchas".