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Can you get emancipated at 16 years old in Missouri if you are going through mental abuse or any abuse at all?

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Sorry, but Missouri does not have an emancipation statute.

If you are being abused, you need to contact the authorities, they will see that you stay safe.

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Is verbal and mental abuse a good enough reason to become emancipated?

It may depend on how often you receive the abuse and how harsh it is.

If you are 17 and experiencing mental abuse and you want to move with your pastor can your mom make you stay?

Until you either turn 18, are emancipated, or have been removed from your home due to the mental abuse by children's services, your mother controls where you live.

Can a 17 year old girl get emancipated in kansas without her mother's permission if there is mental abuse and slight physical abuse?

No a petition can be filed on the behalf of the individual since she's a minor.

Is mental and emotional abuse to the point of wanting to kill yourself enough to get emancipated?

Contact a domestic violence crisis center in your area. They can help.

What and is defined as inflicting mental pain suffering or fear on an elder person through verbal or nonverbal actions?


What is a Child abuse survivior?

A child abuse survivor is someone who has survived through child abuse through out their lives. Whether it was sexual, mental, or physical abuse they survived. By surviving it could either mean by not getting killed by the abuser or not committing suicide.

What is more damaging mental or physical abuse to a woman?

I believe mental abuse is worse. Physical abuse the marks eventually go away. Mental abuse , those scars may never go away depending on how much abuse there was.

Is mental abuse grounds for divorce in SC?

No, Mental abuse and irreconcilable differences are not recognized by SC

What are the different forms of abuse?

The 4 forms of abuse are:-Emotional Abuse-Mental Abuse-Physical Abuse-Sexual Abuse

How do you stop mental abuse?

You have to protect your mind from mental abuse. Try to stay centered within yourself. Seek out a professional to help you cope with your abuse.

If your mother is really mean and makes you feel like a failure you have a job you can buy and keep an apartment and you have a boyfriend that can live with and provide for you can you get emancipated?

In some case yes. That is mental abuse and if you can take care of yourself, you can get emancipated. But you should check your state emancipation laws before you file for it.

Can you sue ex husband for mental abuse?

laws in your state - some you can sue for mental cruelty. or phyical abuse pa

What different types of child abuse are there?

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental/psychological/emotional abuse, and neglect.

Are you legally emancipated at age 17 if you are pregnant?

it does not matter if you are pregnant.if you feel you can take care of yourself and prove it to a judge you can be. if your home life seems like it is not right to you such as child or mental abuse to you have the court know.

What is psychic violence?

Mental abuse.

Can you die with mental abuse?


Where can I find a Christian drug rehab in Missouri?

There is a Christian drug rehab center located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The name of the center is Gibson Recovery Center Inc., and the primary focus is a mix of mental health and substance abuse issues.

Is sleep deprivation a form of abuse?

It can be considered a form of mental and physical abuse.

How long before you charge someone with mental abuse?

You technically can not charge them for mental abuse. You can only get them charged if a direct threat towards you can be proven.

Can a 16-year-old girl get emancipated in Washington without her parents' permission if she is being mentally abused?

Mental abuse is hard to prove, but if you feel strongly about it contact the department of children's services or child welfare. Call 911 and go through the police if you're not sure how.

What is verbal and mental abuse?

Verbal and mental abuse are kind of a cause and affect. When somebody verbally abuses you so badly it eventually, over time, turns into a mental abuse which means you start believing what the abuser says, and less of what you feel and think.

Is it child abuse if the child is threatened by a parent to be beaten?

Beating children is abuse. The types of abuse are physical, emotional, mental, and sexual. Threats probably fall under the emotional or mental catogories.

What does math stand for?


Acronym for math?

mental abuse to humans

What causes mental illness?

drugs, sexual/mental abuse, genetics, environment you live in