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You can get insurance for your significant other. You need to let the insurance company know, and they will add your significant other to your insurance. There might be additional costs.

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Q: Can you get insurance for significant other?
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Does cigna offer significant other insurance?

Does Cigna offer significant other insurance?

Can you use your medical insurance to pay for surgery for a significant other who has no insurance?

Depends on the company, sex, state, etc. Call and ask them. Probably not.

What are the insurance rights of significant others?

what type of insurance are your speaking of and what rights?

Does Public Empolyee Insurance Agency Acordia Group have a significant other clause?

Check with your state Dept of Insurance. They are the ones that generally regulate domestic partner laws.

Is 'significant other' the same as spouse for medicare purposes in California?

This depends on the state laws, and the insurance company. Contact either your states dept of insurance or the carrier you are insured with.

Can you get life insurance on your partner if you not married yet?

Yes, you can get life insurance for your significant other if there is an insurable interest. The most common situation is if the partners live together, regardless of who owns the home.

Why is imputed income deducted from your paycheck?

i have imputed income taken out of my check because a have a significant other on my insurance can i use this as a tax deduction

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois allow insurance for a significant other?

It does as of June 1, 2011 under the Civil Unions and Insurance Benefits Law Public Act does

How do you lose your insurance coverage?

Most insurance companies will refuse to renew if you have had significant losses or traffic violations.

Can I get insurance for my Significant other medical insurance coverage?

Depends upon the policy. Some have provisions for domestic partners, same-sex partners, commonlaw marriages, etc. Contact your provider directly to inquire.

Is a divorced man's child covered by the significant other's insurance plan?

As far as I know, in most states the significant other would have to legally adopt, or become the legal gardian of the child in question in order for that child to be classified as "dependant" on the significant other. Your significant other cannot approve medical procedures for the child, thus they cannot offer insurance on said procedures.The short answer is no. Unless that significant other was the spouse, he could not extend coverage to the child.In my case, I am the noncustodial parent & was order to carry medical coverage for my son. When I got married my wife was able to put my son on her insurance plan as well.ANSWERI have my stepdaughter on my health insurance. My insurance company allows it for children that live with us. The insurance would also cover children that don't live with us but he is court mandated to provide insurance for them.ANSWERAlso note that certain states have a "Domestic Partner" legal status, which will often allow a person's Domestic Partner to include both adults and any children in the household (regardless of legal custody) to be covered under a family policy. Domestic Partnerships were commonly (but not exclusively) used by gay couples in places where same-sex marriage was illegal.

Does your significant other have health or life insurance benefits if you have been employed by Ford and a member of the UAW for over 18 years?

You need to check the terms and conditions of your policies. A significant other generally does not qualify for any benefits of your health policy. A spouse, on the other has the option to be included on your policy with an adjustment to the premium. With life insurance, the "benefit" would be to be named as beneficiary on your policy. You can name anyone you want for that.

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