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In Massachusetts you can own and ride a motorcycle with a permit. You just cant ride with a passenger and if you dont get a license you pay a higher insurance rate

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Q: Can you get motorcycle insurance with a validated permit?
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Do I need to have a motorcycle license in order to obtain motorcycle insurance coverage?

If you are attempting to get motorcycle insurance that means you probably have a motorcycle and should have a license for it. An insurance company will not provide insurance unless you at least have a motorcycle permit.

Do you need insurance for a motorcycle if you have a permit in MA?

You dont need insurance the vehicle you drive needs it. If you own a motorcycle you will need insurance that covers any drivers of that motorcycle

In North Carolina do you need insurance with a motorcyle permit?

Do you have a Motorcycle? Call an agent.

What is the difference between a motorcycle permit and a motorcycle permit?

No difference

How old do you have to be to get a motorcycle permit in Minnesota?

How old do you have to be to get a motorcycle permit in Minnesota

When do you actually need motorcycle insurance when you ride with a permit or just when you get a license?

It depends on what state you live in. Some states don't ever require motorcycle insurance. Most states that require insurance require it just to register the vehicle.

You have no motorcycle license and you had an accident on the motorcycle will your insurance pay?

No. YOu need Motorcycle Insurance. Check out this site for more resources on Motorcycle Insurance.

Can you ride outside the state of Kentucky with a Kentucky Motorcycle permit?

Yes, you can ride a motorcycle in other states with a Kentucky Motorcycle permit.

Does your 16 year old need auto insurance if he has motorcycle insurance?

motorcycle insurance only covers the motorcycle

Do you need motorcycle insurance if you have a DUI?

You need motorcycle insurance if you have a motorcycle. The DUI is a ticket.

Who sells Motorcycle Insurance?

Geico sells motorcycle insurance.

Before a driver drives a motorcycle, they need to have motorcycle insurance.?

Before a driver drives a motorcycle, they need to have motorcycle insurance.

Can you get a motorcycle permit at the same time you get your drivers permit?

i ain't no

Does scooter insurance cover more than motorcycle insurance?

Scooter insurance does not cover more than motorcycle insurance. Essentially motorcycle insurance is scooter insurance and in general, is insurance coverage for 2-wheel vehicles.

How many times can you renew motorcycle learners permit?

in the state of Virginia how many times can you renew the motorcycle learners permit ?

Can you buy a motorcycle with only a motorcycle permit?

you shure can you even register it

Is motorcycle insurance required in Ohio?

I am a Insurance Agent in Ohio and yes insurance for a motorcycle is required in Ohio.

Where companies offer Canadian motorcycle insurance?

Some companies that offer Canadian motorcycle insurance include Intact Insurance and State Farm Insurance. Another company that offers motorcycle insurance in Canada is TD Insurance.

Does Marsh Insurance sell motorcycle insurance?

Yes, Marsh Insurance does sell motorcycle insurance. If you would like to get a quote on motorcycle insurance you can call Toll Free: 1-888-580-5320.

How old do you have to be to get a motorcycle permit?


Could i Drive a motorcycle on your permit?


What insurance companies carry motorcycle insurance in MA?

There are 5 Big Players. Here's a good BLog to help you Save money on Motorcycle Insurance: For more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

Is motorcycle insurance required?

only if you have a motorcycle

Will UIM coverage on my car cover me on my motorcycle if my motorcycle has a different insurance company?

I believe motorcycle insurance has it's own UIM and is separate from car insurance.

Does your insurance cover theft from saddlebags on a motorcycle?

Your motorcycle insurance will not cover theft from your motorcycle. Just the same as with your automobile, the theft is covered by your home or renters insurance.