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The odds are veeeeeery slim, but it's still possible

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The length of time the penis was inside the girl is irrelevant. If ejaculation occurred around ovulation she could get pregnant.

Yes, there is a chance that you could be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you without your nuva ring in.

Yes. You can get pregnant that way. The sperms survive for 48 hour in female genital tract and can fertilize the ovum, probably.

Yes, the way to get pregnant is by someone ejaculating inside you.

If he was in you, you could be pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not doesn't matter, sperm could have been present.

There is always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. The mild cramping could be from sex. If you had sex right before ovulation or during ovulation, there is a huge chance of pregnancy. If you miss your period then take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps.

Yes, it only matters that he ejaculated in you, not the before or after.

periods are a sign that you are not pregnant, yet there is a very small chance you will be pregnant from your ex. it is probly going to be your boyfriends baby. congrats

Anytime a man ejaculates inside you there is a chance you could be pregnant, even if you are menstruating.

No, but if you mean he never ejaculated but that he was inside of you there is something called pre-cum and that has sperm in it. The man never feels it coming and it's not as much as a ejaculation but if you are unlucky it can make you pregnant.

No, it needs to be deep inside your vagina.

You would be quite unlucky to get pregnant, less than 1 woman in a thousand gets pregnant in a year using the pill properly. You don't ovulate while using the pill so I would get the spotting checked out by a doctor.

Actually you are safe after your period til seven days, your ovulation period starts at 10 days after your menstruation and in 14 days that's when you are fertile. ----so that means that if my period ended on the 24, i have until the 30th and after that i have more chance of getting pregnant?

if the condom was torn and u were ovulating then ---there is a high chance u can get pregnant because u are fmost fertile on ur ovulating days.

No you couldn't to get pregnant the boy would have to have ejaculated in you for you to be pregnant. but just because you have sex right after your period doesn't mean you cant get pregnant sperm stays in your body for 5 days after a boy ejaculates inside you so you should still use a condom

Anal cannot get you pregnant. In order to get pregnant, sperm must be ejaculated inside your vagina.

10 possibilities are, if you have unprotected sex, you have sex during your ovulation phase, you take fertility pills and have sex, you are of mature enough age to get pregnant, you didn't use a condom, you didn't use birth controll,you had sex, you made out and a male ejaculated next your vagina, a male ejaculated inside you. you where trying to get pregnant. those are 10 possibilitys that you might get pregant.

You can get pregnant if his sperm manages to get inside your vagina. Obviously he couldn't penetrate you if he is wearing his pants, but if he ejaculated his sperm could get through the material and into you. Make sure you take a pregnancy test and don't do this again unless you want to be pregnant.

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant