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No, you cannot get pregnant unless sperm gets into your vagina - also during menstruation you're less likely to be fertile. You should not be engaging in sexual activity if you don't know how conception occurs.

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The mans underwear has nothing to do with getting pregnant if he came inside of you there is a chance you can get or can be pregnant.

If you have sex through your underwear without a condom, then yes, you can get pregnant.

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

Maybe if you dont want her to get pregnit you should either not have sex at all or reduce the risk by using a condom not your underwear.

No. 1) The sperm will have all died. 2) If she is on her period she won't be ovulating and therfore cannot get pregnant.

Yes. Sperm can go through thin underwear and any time there is sperm in/around the vagina pregnancy can result.

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

No, most do not. Boxers are a type of underwear, so saying a guy wears 'boxers under his underwear' would be the same as saying a guy wears 'underwear under his underwear'.

No , its extreemly unlikely! if the semen seeps in her panties, i think there is a possibility that she may get pregnant

No, if there is no actual penetration then the odds of insemination occurring are very slim.

Depends...was he ever inside her, or near the vagina? If so, she CAN become pregnant

wedgies came to existence when some guy pulled on another persons underwear and said i will call this a wedgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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