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No, not unless his sperm has super strength and can penitrate throught both of your clothings and then miraculously leap way up into the cervix. Why not get a book on questions and answers about sexuality and Im sure most of your questions will be answered. Good luck and protect yourself at all times.

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If i was rubbing up against his penis with just his boxers on am i gonna get pregnant?

no No. His sperm needs to have actually gone into your vagina for you to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from rubbing your privates?

You can only get pregnant if semen/sperm have entered your vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is in her underwear and a guy is in shorts and they are rubbing their genitals against each other?

no! dont be silly. the man's penis must be inside your vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant from rubbing her vagina while she is on her period?

It sweat them,but i don't known

Can you become pregnant if you are virgin and you and your boyfriend were not having any clothes on and rubbing vagina and penis but penis did not get hard enough to insert vagina?


Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against your vagina and he cums but not inside the vagina?

Yes. It's quite possible.

Can you conceive a baby from humping something?

You can only get pregnant from semen (which carries sperm) and only if the semen is near the vagina or in the vagina. It is possible for sperm to travel using the moisture (wetness), so you can get pregnant if:you or a partner has pre-ejaculate or ejaculate on a finger that is used to penetrate the vaginayour partner is rubbing his penis against the vaginal area (skin to skin)your partner ejaculates near the vagina or inside the vaginaYou cannot get pregnant from:humping an object (a non-person)oral sex (BUT you can get an STD from oral sex)

How can you turn yourself on?

rubbing your vagina and rubbing your jugs

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against your vagina?

No! if his sperm isn't inserted into your cervix then it is not possible for you to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his ballsack on your vagina?

Well, if his ball sack has a baby in it, ie, if he got a dick in his dick, and the other dick came, and he got pregnant in it, yes, you would be pregnant from rubbing a pregnant ballsack.

Can a girl get pregnant from having on clothes and her bf rubbing on her?

Well it depends. If he was masturbating,ejaculated, then touches her vagina no clothing, the semen can transfer.

Can you get pregnant from a newspaper?

Only if there's fresh semen on it and you put it in your vagina or rub it against.

Can you get pregnant if someone rubs their hand on your vagina and the hand has sperm on it?

Yes it is possible, that if a woman has sperm on her hand and rubs it against her vagina accidentally/purposefully, she does have a small chance of getting pregnant.

Can pregnancy be caused by rubbing genitals?

If the male ejaculates while the penis is near the vagina it would be possible but not likely for the girl to become pregnant.

If you have clothes on and he pushes his penis against your lower body can you get pregnant?

The only way you can get pregnant is if the sperm can get into your vagina. If you have clothes between him and you in that area, then you cannot get pregnant.

How does a girls play with herself?

Finger up the vagina/Rubbing of aforementioned vagina.

Is rubbing your own vagina comfortable?


Can you get pregnant if he is wearing a condom and rubs his penis against your vagina for a few seconds?

no it is very unlikely

My girl and I were fooling around the other day and you were rubbing your penis against her vagina she was on her 9th day of her cycle Can she get pregnant due to pre-ejaculate fluid?

Yes. A girl can get pregnant on any day of her period, even during her period - even though it's not nearly as likely as when she's ovulating.

Can a cat get pregnant from the vagina?

There is no other way for a mammal to get pregnant, besides the vagina.

Can you get pregnant if a guy is rubbing his penis in your vaginal area but you are not wearing underwear?

Yes. Any touching of yhe penis in the vagina can result in pregnancy even if there is no penetration.

Can you get pregnant if your husband has erectile dysfunction?

It is possible for a man to orgasm without an erection. If he was in you at all, or even just had the tip of his penis rub against your vagina, or if any sperm from him came into contact with your vagina, then you could get pregnant.

What's it mean when you have pain when pregnant close to vagina?

If you are pregnant and you have a pain close to your vagina it may be due to the baby pushing and pressing against your insides causing discomfort. You should however consult a doctor to be sure.

Can you get pregnant just by rubbing together?

Yes, if the penis came into any contact with the vagina. The tiniest drop of precum still has millions of sperm, and they can find their way even if they are just at the entrance to the vagina. Be safe - use contraception.

How can you touch your moms vagina when she is sleeping?