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If the male ejaculates while the penis is near the vagina it would be possible but not likely for the girl to become pregnant.

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Q: Can pregnancy be caused by rubbing genitals?
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Could pregnancy be caused without insertion?

Can, if man's sperm will get on genitals of the girl

Can you use rubbing alcohol on your genitals?

It is not advised to purr rubbing alcohol on genitals. Contact a doctor if they have a injury to figure out how to best treat it.

What can mold be used for?

rubbing on a pensioners genitals

Can rubbing alcohol cause blistering in the vaginal area?

Rubbing alcohol should not be put on your genitals.

Can you get chlamydia from rubbing?

You can't get chlamydia that way unless you're rubbing genitals together without clothes on. Chlamydia is caused by bacteria spread by oral, anal, or vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; or birth to an infected woman.

What is genitals warts caused by?

papilloma virus.

What is the breadbasket of the colonies?

It's where you take a big bucket of bread and rub it on your genitals. And then rubbing some butter too.

Is it bad to taste rubbing alcohol during pregnancy?

It is always bad to drink rubbing alcohol. It's poisonous.

What is caused by particles rubbing together in a cloud?


Can pinkeye cause chlamydia in the genitals?

Pinkeye is usually caused by viruses, not by chlamydia. Even if you had chlamydia in your eyes, it wouldn't get to your genitals unless you brought it there.

Is rubbing alcohol safe to use on legs during pregnancy?

Yes it is.

How are genitals used?

Genitals are used for stimulation and sex. Girls should insert a finger or a pipe in the vagina to stimulate themselves while boys should stimulate themselves by rubbing the skin of their penis up and down.

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