Can you get pregnant if you get Depo-Provera four weeks late?


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Yes, you can get pregnant if you get Depo Provera four weeks late.

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When your pregnant it's never too late to see a doctor,but 30 weeks pregnant is too late to have an abortion.

If your period is four weeks late (a month), it is very likely that you could be pregnant. Please take a home pregnancy test and make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

If you had a normal period, even 2 weeks late - most likely you are not pregnant.

What does me maybe being pregnant have to do with you being late. Shouldn't your question be: I'm one month and four days late. Could "I" be pregnant?

my periods was 6 weeks late and i light periods could i be pregrant

If you are 2 weeks late you may be pregnant, take a test. If you are not pregnant you may have a hormonal problem.

Yes, I found i was less than two weeks pregnant with my first child, they ran it twice to make sure. I wasn't even late for my period yet.

Have you found out anything? I have the same problem i was two weeks late but i started today. I had thought for sure i was pregnant because i had all the symptoms.

You can be up to two weeks late and not be pregnant but to be safe you should take a pregnancy test after you are seven days late.

Yes, It is normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and i have only had minor cramping so I never suspected anything except that I was 3 weeks late.

Yes. tht does mean your pregnant take a test!

if you had sex then yeah it a 80% possible you can be pregnant -KiKi

Yes, you could be pregnant if you're two weeks late for your period and you're spotting brown. You should take a pregnancy test.

You might have ovulation issues. Ovulation is what causes your period if you don't get pregnant. Of, you may be pregnant. Go to the doctor and find out which.

7 months 3 weeks or somewhere around there. Might be early or late.

If you are on/had your period your probably not pregnant, but do a pregnancy test to be sure.

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