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Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It is highly contagious and can be acquired via contact with an infected person, sharing infected items like clothing or shoes, and petting an infected animal.

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Q: Can you get ringworm on your face?
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Can you get a ringworm on your face if you toch someones ringworm then touch your face?

Yes ringworm is highly contagious and a person should not have any type of contact with it

Where did ringworm originate from?

your face wrong, it was acually that guy over there face.

When you get sunburnt on the right side of your face on your ear and cheek can ringworm come up?

no. ringworm is caused by animal faeces, not sunburn.

What would cause a large red spot on a child's face or body?


If you have a ringworm spot on your face should you stay out of your tanning bed or even the sun?

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Why does your skin get red and peels when you apply Ketoconazole to treat a ringworm on your face?

Don't know why but just every time I have used it, the ketoconazole got rid of my ringworm and also made my skin peel. It was worth it because nothing else killed my ringworm.

Can you get a ringworm on your neck?

Ringworm is so contagious that you don't even have to touch someone to get infected. The fungus can linger in places like locker room floors, as well as on hats, combs, and brushes. Ringworm commonly are found on the legs, arms, neck, foot and face.

Can you get ringworm from someone who has chickenpox?

Chickenpox and ringworm are caused by completely different microbes. You can only get ringworm from someone with chickenpox if they also have ringworm.

Can children get ringworm?

Yes children can get ringworm.

What is ringworm in French?

ringworm= la teigne

Where do you get ringworm?

You get ringworm on your scalp, body, feet or nails

What is Ringworm's mortality rates?

People do not die of ringworm.

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