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Judging from the fact that its on a roll next to fecal matter contained E. Coli there is a chance that you could. On the other hand if it is sterile then it's not likely to make you sick since it is made to dissolve, and your stomach has acid. As long as you didn't eat too much.

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Generally speaking, if the water is clean, no. Even if the water is dirty, if you wash your hands well and do not contaminate other surfaces or ingest the contaminated water, you should be fine.

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If there are trillions of trillions of deadly germs on the bowl, then yes. If it's just been disinfected, probably not.

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No. You can only get aids if a liquid from someone that has aids gets into your body. If someone with aids pees in the toilet, and you drink the toiler water, then you will probably get aids.

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Q: Can you get sick from eating toilet paper?
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