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No! You cannot get Ashma from giving medications to another.

Ashma is a condition that results as an alergic reaction to that around the patient aflicted.

The medications do one of two things. They eitherprevent the airway from closing off or attempt to dialate it and shirink the tissues.

The latter are quick acting, short lived, aids. Talk to your physician and discuss what is best.

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Q: Can you get sick from giving a child his nebulizer?
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How can you take a nebulizer off a asthmatic child?

What do you mean to take it off the child? How to get a child off of a nebulizer seems proper but if their asthma is bad enough to where they need the nebulizer, only constant medication of another kind will allow them to be away from the nebulizer for periods of time.

Why should parents avoid giving nuts to their child?

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What natural product can i put in my nebulizer?

what medicine will i put in the nebulizer

Can a sich kitten make a child sick?

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What is the best asthma treatment for children under 3?

As a mother of a child who needed a nebulizer, I prefer to use a nebulizer, on a young child, as opposed to an inhaler. Prior to making any decision, I would discuss the issue with your daughter's pediatric doc. If he tells you it's personal choice, I can assure you that I found the nebulizer easier than I would the inhaler. The inhaler is more of a "puffer", meaning the child would have to inhale at just the right moment to properly receive the intended medication. With a nebulizer, the medication is consistently flowing. Beyond that, kids can hold onto the nebulizer, and "take" their medicine themselves (please do not allow unattended). My son found this fun, and took his necessary "medicine" without any fuss.

How do you tell if a child is a hypercondriac or they are really sick?

The symptoms of a hypochondriac and a child really being sick can be similar. The best way to determine if your child is really sick is to take the to the doctor.

Who invented the nebulizer?

The first nebulizer was developed by a French inventor named Dr. Sales-Girons in 1858. The nebulizer had a pedal that acted in a similar way to a bicycle pump.

Which is more effective in treating asthma a breathing treatment using a nebulizer or an inhaler?

Nebulizer defiantly.

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It means a sick child

What is the cost of a typical nebulizer?

Typically, the cost of a typical nebulizer is very high. The cost of a typical nebulizer can be anywhere between the prices of forty and one hundred and twenty dollars.

What is contraindication for nebulizer?


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