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They can - tonsils are part of the throat, but do not comprise all of your throat. Since even if your tonsils are taken out, the rest of your throat remains, so you can still acquire an abscess on it.

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Yes you can have Quincy throat without tonsils. There is a possibility that some of the removed tonsils have grown back making it possible to get quincy throat.

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Yes you can get strep throat when you don't have tonsils.

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Q: Can you get strep throat when you don't have tonsils?
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Can you still get strep throat if your tonsils are out?

You can still get strep throat if your tonsils are out.

What can cause recurring strep throat in a person with no tonsils?

Unfortuntely tonsils do have the possibility of growing back, but strep affects the tonsils AND throat.

Do having tonsils decrease the chances of getting strep throat?

No. It does not decrease the chances of strep throat.

How do I avoid strep throat?

You could cut your tonsils off because when you get strep throat, your tonsil areas are infected.Therefore if you don't have tonsils,the area can't be infected.

Can you give me a sentence with the word tonsils?

My throat is swollen as well as my tonsils so it may be a sign of strep throat or needing of removal of the tonsils.

Where does strep throat attack?

strep throat is most likely going to be in the mouth and on your throat.

Is there anything you can do to keep from getting strep throat?

Get your tonsils removed you won't get strep ever again.

Can strep throat spread within the mouth to the tongue?

No, it stays at the tonsils.

How does getting your tonsils taken out help you not to have sore throat troubles like strep throat?

Your tonsils build up bacteria causing an irritation in the back of the throat so when you get your tonsils removed you don't have to worry about it.

Can a symptom of strep throat be a rash on your baby's bottom?

Sounds like a yeast infection with the rash. Does the baby have white spots on his tonsils? That is strep throat. If he has strep take him to the doctor.

Is strep throat another name for tonsillitis?

It is actually the throat, but your tonsils get inflammed so nothing else can effect your throat.

What are some symptoms of Strep Throat?

Strep Throat has a number of potential symptoms. Some of these symptoms include a sore throat, difficulty when swallowing, swollen or red tonsils and a fever.