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Can you get unemployment and Social Security payments while filing bankruptcy?


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Yes. Bankruptcy status does not interfere with a person's ability to collect Social Security or unemployment benefits.

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Social Security has no affect on Colorado's unemployment benefits. Only 4 other states have their unemployment offset by a portion of Social Security.

Social Security payments do not affect your unemployment benefits in Maryland. See the Related Link below, page 8 for more details.

Unemployment insurance benefits are not counted under the Social Security annual earnings test and therefore do not affect your receipt of Social Security benefits.

They do not affect unemployment benefits in all but 4 states. Illinois, Louisiana, Utah, and Virginia offset the unemployment compensation by 50% of the Social Security benefits.

Yes. If you're eligible for unemployment, you can certainly apply and get unemployment payments even if you get Social Security anywhere in the United States. You will get the full amount everywhere except Illinois -- which, as of November 2013 -- is the only state that still deducts money from unemployment payments to older workers who are on Social Security. Virginia completely repealed what is known as the Social Security offset two years ago.

Yes, they are unrelated programs but your unemployment compensation weekly benefits may be reduced by the amount of your Social Security payments.

Yes. However, 3 states will offset your unemployment benefits by 50% of the amount of your Social Security payments (Illinois, Utah, and Virginia).

Yes, but Louisiana is one of 4 states that offsets your unemployment benefits by a percent of your Social Security payments.

No. They are different programs and do not affect each other.

Social security payments are not a factor in the means test. However, they are a factor in terms of your budget and as to how much you have available to repay creditors under Chapter 13.

Social security and medicare taxes are NOT deducted from unemployment compensation payment.

Yes you can, but they may deduct your social security to offset the unemployment.

No, they can not garnishee your Social Security payments.

social security benefits have nothing to do with unemployment benefits in california and are not deductible from unemployment benefits

can you collect unemployment and social security at the same time in the state of Pa.

Yes, you can draw Social Security, but no, you cannot collect unemployment if you retire.

No. Social Security benefits are not affected in Colorado by receiving unemployment.

No. Social security payments are based entirely on wages earned.

If you are already receiving social security and are fired can you receive unemployment benefits?

No. Your Social Security benefits and unemployment compensation will not affect one another.

No. Alabama is not one of the 4 states that do offset unemployment with the Social Security.

You can draw both unemployment and Social Security in all 50 states.

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