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Can you get your G.E.D. if you are only 18 and are not in school?

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Yes, you usually can. However, you might be eligible for an alternative school. There, you can get a real diploma that is not called a GED.

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At what age can you get a GED?

If you don't finish high school, you can get your GED at 18 or 21.

If you quit school when can you get your license in Georgia?

You can't until you're 18. Only if you have your GED or apply for a headship license

Do collegeS accept GED as well as high school diploma?

You will need to check with a particular college to see if it accepts a GED instead of a High School Diploma. If you are 18 and get kicked out of high school and then get your GED, the answer is probably not, or at least not at this time. If you are 30 and decide to get serious and decide to continue your education and get a GED, the answer is probably yes. Still, if you are 18 there might be a college that will accept you.

If you are 18 and from Germany you wanted to drop out of school and get your GED in America is it better or equivalent to a foreign education?

GED in America is considered equivalent to a High School Diploma

What grade do you have to be in to get a GED?

You can't get a GED while you are in school. A GED is for people who dropped out of school.

That going back to high school at 18 is a better then a GED?

Most school do not allow for someone that old to start as a Freshman. Many school districts offer paths for completion of a GED for older students.

What is a GED and do you have one since you graduated high school?

NO a GED is under a highschool diploma you only get a GED if you did not graduate from highschool and if you have not earned a highschool diploma there are other reasons and the only way to take a GED class or test is if you do not have a highschool diploma

How old do you have to be to get your GED in Toronto?

There isn't really a GED in Toronto like there is in the US. Provincial law states you must be in school until the age of 18.

Become a police officer with a GED?

Yes. Some police forces only require a high school diploma or a GED.

What can you do if you are 16 and not allowed to get a GED and you will be 21 in 11th grade and the school kicks you out at 21 so you won't be able to get a diploma?

agreed. The only restriction I am aware of on the GED is that you need to be 17 to take it. You need parental permission to take it at 16. Take the GED when you are 17 or 18, whatever is allowed.

How can you join the military with no high school diploma?

you only need GED.

How can I get a high school diploma?

Getting a GED is the only way to get a diploma after you are 21. If you are interested in getting a GED, contact your local education department to see when they offer GED courses, and how you can take the GED test.

Can an 18-year-old move out if they have their GED?

Not legally, as the age of majority is 18 in all states except Nebraska where it is 19. The issue of having a GED or high school diploma is not relevant.

Would you need a GED to get into beauty school?

do i need a GED to get into a beauty school

i need a place to go and get my high school diploma?

Try applying at your nearest high school if you are under 18 and at the nearest community college to get your GED if you are over 18.

Can you register for high school at age 18?

Probably not. If it's a high school diploma that you need, you could try to get a GED instead.

What is the law for a minor age 17 moving out of parents house when he already has GED and is not in school?

Having a GED/not being in school doesn't make you an adult. Until you're 18 Mom and Dad get to decide where you live.

Why did Katy Perry drop out of high school?

She could not have gotten her GED in the ninth grade, as the test is only offered to those OVER the age of 18. Maybe she took the CHSPE at 16? This is another equivalency test like the GED but it is specific to California.

Can high school drop outs go to a community college?

only if you have a GED

Is there a GED for 4th grade?

No. It is for those who don't graduate high school.

Can you go to beauty school without a GED?

Can you go to beauty school without a GED?

How can a 17 year old get a high school diploma if you can't go back and you do not want a GED?

The only way to get an actual diploma is to finish school. If you do not want to get a GED, then you will have to go to some school somewhere and finish.

How can I finish my GED and get my high school diploma?

1.GED Online > High School Diploma Online > Free GED Test Online 2.High School Online - GED Online - High School Diploma

HOW DO you exchange your GED for a high school diploma?

A GED is an equivalent of a Hig School Dipploma. It is not exchangable.

How can you send your school history to find your GED?

how can I send my school history to find my GED I get lost