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It depends. Did you buy the car "as is" or was there a warranty implied? Does your state have a used car lemon law?

If you bought the car with a warranty, then you probably would have a chance in small claims court to get your money back. If you bought it "as is", you're out of luck. Did you have a written "bill of sale" when you completed the deal? This is where the warranty or as is would have been listed.

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The Advantage in buying a used car from a dealer is that he "Must" do and check many systems on the used cars. They really have no interest in selling cars with problems. As far as dealing with a "private party" It is only allowed to sell a car "as is" in California for parts only. Also the seller is responsible for smogging the car, not the new owner.There is no protection on a private party transaction. For one thing the problem could have been the new owners fault, as the car was running when you purchased it?. In the future when buying a used car, it is well worth the $50-100 to have the car checked out by a Mechanic (or CSAA offers this service for their Membership) before handing over hard earned cash.

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Q: Can you get your money back from a private person if the car broke down after going only 90 miles one day after buying it?
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