Can you give me 10 things you might not know about the Beatles?

One: Strawberry Fields was a real place. It was a Salvation Army not to far from John Lennon's childhood home. Two: None of the Beatles could actually read music Three: "Yesterday" has the most cover versions then any song ever written Four: The Ed Sullivan Show was not the Beatles American TV debut. It was on "The Huntley-Brinkley Report" on NBC. Five: Eric Clappton almost replaced George Harrison. On January 10, 1969, Harrison finally had enough and quit the band. His announcement caused John Lennon to quip, "If he doesn't come back by Tuesday, we get Eric Clapton." Harrison, of course, came to his senses, and returned to the band on January 15th. Six: She Said She Said" was inspired by an LSD trip with Peter Fonda Seven: Paul McCartney met Yoko Ono before John did. Yoko Ono claims to have been introduced to John Lennon by a mutual friend at her November 9, 1966, art exhibit in London. According to Yoko, she had never heard of the Beatles and had to be told who John Lennon was. However, Paul McCartney, likes to tell a different story about how she and John met. It was late 1965 and Yoko had knocked on Sir Paul's door. She was helping John Cage, a personal friend of McCartney's, with a book he was working on, and wanted to include some of the Beatles' work. Paul declined her offer, but suggested that she see Lennon. Yoko took Paul's advice and Lennon wound up giving her the original handwritten lyrics to "The Word" from Rubber Soul. The lyrics were later reproduced in Cage's book Notations. Eight: 'Hey Jude' was written by Paul in his car. Paul was on his way to visit Julian, John Lennon's son, who was disturbed by his parents divorce. Paul wrote this song to cheer him up. Nine: Paul McCartney wrote the song Lovely Rita, Meter Maid for the album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band after getting a parking ticket from a female warden in Abbey Road. Ten: (My personal favorite :D ) "Ringo" means "Apple" in Japenese :)