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Can you go on vacation out of the country with your daughter if you have full custody?


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yes if you have full custody you dont have to consult your ex.


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No, as the signatures of both parents are required.

If you have joint legal custody then you will need the father to sign paperwork to get a passport for your daughter to leave the country. If she already has a passport and your trip out of the country does not interfere with his visitation then you have every right to take you daughter anywhere you want to take her:-)

A mother of a son or daughter who is not caring properly for their child may get custody of the child. This would be determined by a judge when the parent is not fit to continue to parent.

yes and he adopted his sisters daughter Lanie.

No, if you are her guardian (you have custody) then she cannot do that until she is a legal adult.

No, Lanie was his wife's twin sister's daughter. she was unable to take care of her, he adopted her and has full custody legally.

No. Whether or not you have full custody, the amount is going to be the same, just as long as she lives full time with the mother. The amount is usually based on income guidelines anyway.

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

Single mothers have sole custody and control in all 50 states, by default, as of the point of conception.

Petition the court that granted him full custody for a modification of the custody order. You will probably need an attorney.

that depends on if the mother has custody over her daughter or not. It also depends on how old the daughter is. If she is under the legal age limit, then the mother is still responsible and makes all decisions for her. If the mother does not have full custody over the daughter, then the mother and the father of that child must come to an agreement on the living whereabouts of the daughter. If the mother has legal custody over the daughter and the daughter is not of legal age yet, then yes, the mother can bring the daughter over too.

For 1) are you in custody of your daughter? If you are in full custody you could take her to court for kidnapping is your EX mother in law in custody of your daughter? Do you have joint custody? If your ex mother in law has no custody over your daughter you could take her to court, she is not authorized to take care of your child.

This depends. If the children have been placed in foster care, they will oppose you getting custody. see links below

* Unless your fiance sprung the fact he had a daughter on you at the last minute then you should be able to handle this. If he didn't tell you about having a daughter then he probably was fearful you wouldn't be able to handle this information. You did not state if the mother has custody; he has full custody or it's joint custody. If you love him it shouldn't make a difference. One day you will have children of your own.

In the past most judges automatically gave custody to mothers.Thankfully times have changed.Get an attorney and fight for shared custody if you don't have any reasons why it should not be so.

That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.

You could make a good attempt to get main custody, but the mother would likely be allowed visitation etc. if she has a job and such herself.

Start with discussing the problem with your attorney. They will be able to give you the best information on the courts and the procedures in your area. In general you will need to start a civil case for custody. Your daughter, if she is old enough to have her opinion considered by the court, may carry great weight with the court.

If you live in the US and if the court determines that it's in the child's best interest for you to have custody, yes. The fact that the wife is illegal will not be a consideration at all.

If I have sole\full custody, can I leave state with my child ?

Yes. Legal and physical custody granted to the mother means full, sole legal and physical custody.

Yes he can if you have a settlement agreement that states that you cannot take your minor child out of the country without the father's consent.

when you're in full custody someone has control over you. Like the police when they have custody over you they have captured you and you're in their control.

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