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i think that that just means they are albino mice like guinea pigs but you should always be careful with handling mice they are small and delacate creatures and the mother might reject them if you hold them too long When I was a kid I had a white mouse with red eyes. He use to ride on my shoulder when I was in the house and sit on my brother's head when he was eating toast and watching TV (begging for a little toast and jam. LOL) He also slept above my head on my pillow during the night. You can handle the mouse, but don't maul it. Give the mouse a rest after about 1/2 an hour. Don't pass the mouse around from one friend to another. Let the mouse run around you or on you. The mouse we had "Timmy" really became a family pet and even my parents enjoyed his antics. Marcy

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Q: Can you handle baby mice when the colour of their eyes is red?
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How old are baby mice when they open there eyes?


What is the best advice in caring for baby mice?

The best advice for caring for baby mice would be: do not handle the baby mouse until it is as least one week old. Baby mice a very hard to take care of.

Can baby mice see?

Baby mice cannot see at first, but after about 10 days the babys eyes open and they can also hear.

Why are baby mice born blind?

Baby mice are born blind because when they are born, their eyes haven't been developed yet. :)

What to feed baby mice that just opened their eyes?


How old do baby mice usually sleep?

with their eyes open

When can baby mice open their eyes?

at the age of 2 months

How old do baby mice have to be before you can touch them?

A baby mouse must be at least one week old before a person can handle it. Baby mice are very difficult to take raise.

Do baby mice have different colour of fur than the parents?

Yes they can and usually do.

When does baby born mice open there eyes?

around 5 weeks

How much do baby mice eat a day?

I have 2 baby mice that haven't opened their eyes yet and we have been feeding them every 2 hours

When do baby mice open their eyes and do you wean them before or after?

mice' eyes open at aprox. two weeks. they need to be able to nurse for at least a month before separated from their mothers.

Are baby field mice born with fur and their eyes closed?

It's dead bro.

How old do baby mice have to be before you can handle them?

Once they get fur you can start to handle them. Newborn mice should be moved by cupping your hands together and scooping up all at one time (example for cage changes)

Can baby mice see their food when their eyes open?

yes they can it's quit weird when you think about it.

What do you feed a baby mouse that's eyes are closed?

Milk baby mice prefer mothers milk witch is body temp.

What do baby mice eat when their eyes are closed?

Before baby mice open their eyes, they're too young to be weaned. The mother mouse will feed them milk. If the babies don't have a mother or have been abandoned, they'll need to be fostered or hand-fed, or they won't survive.

Can mice see with their eyes?

What else would they see with?? Mice see with their eyes!

What do you feed a wild baby mouse if its eyes aren't even open yet?

You should feed baby mice baby cat and also you can dip bread in it and feed them if they start o grow hair!Mr and my sister have 4 baby mice and they are eat at the same time.

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

What can baby mice eat?

Baby mice need their mother's milk.

What do you feed baby mice once there eyes are open?

A baby mouse will open its eyes at thirteen days old. Baby mice are weaned of their mothers milk at four weeks. So you should continue feeding it formula if it dosent have its mum. At three weeks you should introduce mouse food from the store to help wean them off the milk.

What do you feed a baby mouse that has its eyes open?

Baby mice feed on their mothers milk, but as they start ageing, they start to eat oats, seeds, nuts and wheat.

Can you put baby mice in with the older mice and will the mother feed them?

You can put baby mice in with adult mice but it has to be their children for the adult mice to feed them.Yes, but you must be very careful. Try not to get to much of your scent on the baby mouse. Sneak the baby in, when the mother mouse is not looking. Only if the baby is about the same age as the ones that are originally the mothers children. You can easily tell by how much fur is on the pinkies, how big, and if their eyes are open. This does not always work, but it can. It depends on the mother, she will decide. Why trust me? I have bred mice for about a year and a half now and i am almost an expert.-experienced mouse breeder, owner, and lover

Which types of pet-mice are there?

there is :Black A black mouse is exactly as it sounds, a solid jet black all over with black eyes.- White White mice will be a bright white colour, like a piece of plain paper and can have either pink or black eyes. PEW and BEW are abbreviations for pink eyed white and black eyed white.- Chocolate I shouldn't imagine there are many people who wouldn't recognize the colour of chocolate!- Fawn A fawn mouse is basically a bright ginger colour, always with pink eyes.- Blue It sounds like a funny colour for a mouse but the blue in question isn't royal, sky or navy (unfortunately, how pretty would that be lol!?) but an almost dark grey slate blue. As you'd expect blue mice have black eyes.- Dove A dove mouse will be a lovely soft, pale grey colour. They have pink eyes.- Champagne Champagne is quite a difficult colour to describe, not helped by the fact it varies so much. Champagne mice can look anything from a pale orange to a pinky-grey and can also be sort of gold! Champagne mice have pink eyes.- Lilac When I first heard of lilac mice I had visions of them being purple! In reality they are a sort of pink tinged grey, quite difficult to describe but lovely to see!Tan Mice (body all one colour as self, but with a tan underside)Tan mice come in the same variety of colours as the selfs, but have a fawn (ginger) coloured underside.Dutch A dutch is basically a white mouse with a patch over both eyes and colour from its waist down to its tail. Dutch mice can be pretty much any of the self colours and are considered dutch even if they have other markings as well as the dutch ones. In most case they become 'mismarked' which in my experience includes most pet mice, so if your mouse has eye patches and the coloured rump but other marks on their back they would be a mismarked- Broken Marked A lot of pet mice will come under this catergory! They can be any colour with any eye colour, as long as their markings don't look like any of the other marked types they just become 'broken marked'.- Agouti Agouti is the colour of wild mice and is basically a browny colour flecked all over with black. They have black eyes.- Variegated A variegated mouse can be any colour and I've always thought they look as though they have been flicked all over with a second colour so that's how I'd describe one!- Silver Agouti As above only silver instead of brown. Silver agouti mice look the same as chinchilla only without the white tummy. They have black eyes.- Chinchilla A chinchilla mouse is very similar to a silver agouti in that they are both a silvery colour ticked with black only chinchilla mice also have a white tummy.- Sable Sable is another difficult colour to describe but is essentially a very dark brown down the middle of the mouse's back which graduates to a ginger colour down their sides to under their belly. Sable mice have black eyes.Cinnamon From what I can understand (I've yet to actually meet one) a cinnamon is the colour of a sable mouses tummy all over and with a dark brown ticking. Again they have black eyes.- Argente An argente mouse may at a first glance look like a really pale fawn but if you part his/her fur will have a blue undercoat. This gives them an almost 'two-toned' effect as you can see speckles of blue through the pale fawn. Argente mice will always have pink eyes.- Siamese Siamese mice are cream in colour and have brown coloured 'points' on their noses and tails that blend gradually to meet their body colour.- Brindle The official description of a brindle mouse is 'streaks, bars and numerous little areas of any colour over a diluted background'. Their eyes can be of any colour.There is also long haired(Long haired mice can be any colour and have long often wispy looking coats.) mice and satin(which means the mouse is shinier and possibly a bit darker in colour to the normal coat colour of what ever breed it is)there are lots of mice because the world is big.