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The simple answer is yes you can. In saying that though, some technicians (myself included), like to steer clear of doing it this way. Main reason being, the cable can stretch a little too far.

So it is best using 2 different ide cables, one for your hard drives, the other for your cdroms etc.

Not forgetting to change the jumpers accordingly. Slave goes on the middle, master at the end of the cable.

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Q: Can you have a DVD and hard drive on the same ATA cable?
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What ANSI hard drive interface standards do not use a traditional hard drive cable?


Is Ultra Ata a type of hard drive?

No its not ATA is a interface standard not a type of hard drive the only difference between Ultra ATA and a diffrent inerface standard is that it can use the 80-conductor cable or serial ATA cable

What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-conductor hard drive cable?


What is the name of the ATA standard that used a serial data cable?

Hard drive

What is the difference between a serial and a sata hard drive?

A serial hard drive is the same as a SATA hard drive. SATA is Serial ATA, and PATA is Parallel ATA.

What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-connector hard drive cable?

ATA/ATAPI-4,ATA/ATAPI-5,UltraATA,fast ATA-2,ultra DMA modes0-2, DMA/33,ULTRA ATA/66,ultraDMA/66 all use an 80-conductor hard drive cable,as well as a few more standards not listed.

Can you put a ata and ide hard drive drive in the same computer?

ATA and IDE use the same interface type, so the answer is YES, you can put the a ATA and an IDE in the same computer.

What is the speed of ide drive?

IDE drives commonly use the ATA standard. ATA usually runs at ATA-33, ATA-66, ATA-100, and ATA-133. These run at 33 MB/s, 66 MB/s, 100 MB/s, and 133 MB/s respectively. Most modern IDE hard drives run at ATA-100 or ATA-133 while older If you have your hard drive on a 40-wire PATA cable and/or the PATA cable attached to your hard drive is also attached to your CD-ROM drive, your hard drive might be forced to run at ATA-33. For best performance, only use an 80-wire PATA cable and do not connect your optical drive with it.

Can you install one ATA hard drive and one SATA hard drive in the same computer?


5 If a CD drive and a hard drive are sharing the same data cable in a computer system what type of connection is the CD driving using Which of the two drives should be set to master Which to slave?

A parallel ATA interface cable. The hard drive it is set as a master and the CD drive as a slave.

What are three ata hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40 conductor hard drive cable?

atapi-4, atapi-5, atapi-6

Full form of ata hard disk drive?

full for of ata sata

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