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The simple answer is yes you can. In saying that though, some technicians (myself included), like to steer clear of doing it this way. Main reason being, the cable can stretch a little too far.

So it is best using 2 different ide cables, one for your hard drives, the other for your cdroms etc.

Not forgetting to change the jumpers accordingly. Slave goes on the middle, master at the end of the cable.

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Q: Can you have a DVD and hard drive on the same ATA cable?
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What ANSI hard drive interface standards do not use a traditional hard drive cable?


Is Ultra Ata a type of hard drive?

No its not ATA is a interface standard not a type of hard drive the only difference between Ultra ATA and a diffrent inerface standard is that it can use the 80-conductor cable or serial ATA cable

What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-conductor hard drive cable?


What is the difference between a serial and a sata hard drive?

A serial hard drive is the same as a SATA hard drive. SATA is Serial ATA, and PATA is Parallel ATA.

What is the name of the ATA standard that used a serial data cable?

Hard drive

What is the speed of ide drive?

IDE drives commonly use the ATA standard. ATA usually runs at ATA-33, ATA-66, ATA-100, and ATA-133. These run at 33 MB/s, 66 MB/s, 100 MB/s, and 133 MB/s respectively. Most modern IDE hard drives run at ATA-100 or ATA-133 while older If you have your hard drive on a 40-wire PATA cable and/or the PATA cable attached to your hard drive is also attached to your CD-ROM drive, your hard drive might be forced to run at ATA-33. For best performance, only use an 80-wire PATA cable and do not connect your optical drive with it.

What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-connector hard drive cable?

ATA/ATAPI-4,ATA/ATAPI-5,UltraATA,fast ATA-2,ultra DMA modes0-2, DMA/33,ULTRA ATA/66,ultraDMA/66 all use an 80-conductor hard drive cable,as well as a few more standards not listed.

Can you put a ata and ide hard drive drive in the same computer?

ATA and IDE use the same interface type, so the answer is YES, you can put the a ATA and an IDE in the same computer.

Can you install one ATA hard drive and one SATA hard drive in the same computer?


5 If a CD drive and a hard drive are sharing the same data cable in a computer system what type of connection is the CD driving using Which of the two drives should be set to master Which to slave?

A parallel ATA interface cable. The hard drive it is set as a master and the CD drive as a slave.

What are three ata hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40 conductor hard drive cable?

atapi-4, atapi-5, atapi-6

Full form of ata hard disk drive?

full for of ata sata

what is compatible with ata?

All computers are compatible with ATA hard drive, still.

How do you connect a hard drive to a motherboard?

Older hard drives typically used a flat ribbon cable, known as an "IDE" or "ATA" cable. Modern SATA drives use a thick but narrow cable, usually red in color.

Can an average person install sata hard drive?

no because you need the following to do it:J&RA screwdriver,A Serial ATA interface cable, A Serial ATA-compatible power cable or adapter, A version of Windows with FAT32 and A system with a motherboard that has a Serial ATA connector on it.Most people dont have these things

What is the maximum data throughout when connecting an Ultra ATA 66 hard disk drive with a 40 pin IDE cable?

33 MBps

Does an ATA100 hard disk have the same interface as a Serial ATA150 hard disk?

No. ATA100 uses an 80pin ribbon cable and the Serial-ATA uses a much smaller, red 7pin cable.

What is the first parallel ATA hard drive interface standard that requires an 80-conductor hard drive cable?

80 conductor IDE cables are needed to enable UDMA speeds (33MB/s +).

How many pins do hard drive cable have?

Parallel ATA connectors use a 40 pin female connector with one pin removed for keying.

What is the ATA standard that changed the number of bits used to address data on a hard drive?


Is each serial ATA connector and cable dedicated to a single drive?


Each serial ATA connector and cable is dedicated to a single drive?


Name four ata standards for interfacing with hard drives?

Parallel ATA, EIDE, Fast ATA, Ultra ATA, Ultra ATA/66, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/133 and Serial ATA(SATA). Let me save you some time! While you consider the time that I saved you with this... Consider that I pay for, my website, with google supported ads. Surely I saved you enough time for a visit and if anything interest you. a click. 1. Name four ATA standards for interfacing with hard drives? Parallel ATA, EIDE, Fast ATA, Ultra ATA, Ultra ATA/66, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/133 and Serial ATA(SATA) 2. What are the two data transfer modes used by hard drives? DMA and PIO 3. What are the two types of parallel ATA data cables used with hard drives? Under parallel ata, two types of ribbon cable are used. The 80-conductor ide cable has 40 pins and 80 wires Forty wires are used for communication and data, and an additional 40 ground wires reduce crosstalk on the cable. An older 40-conducror cable has 40 wires and 40 pins. 4. What is the name of the ATA standard that uses a serial data cable? SATA- serial ATA cable, these standards use a serial data path rather tha traditional data path. 5. What are the two most popular spindle speeds measured in RPMs currently used for hard drives? 5400 and 7200 RPM's. 6. How does serial ATA help keep a computer case cool better that a parallel ATA? Serial ATA are thin cables that don't hinder airflow inside a case as much as the wide parallel ATA cables do. 7. If a hard drive has three platters, how many heads does it have? Six heads, two for each platter. 8. Given that there are 512 bytes per sector, calculate the hard drive storage for the following: heads=32, tracks (cylinders)= 1024, sectors/track =63. 1.0569GB which rounds up to 1.06GB 9. What are three modes that system BIOS can use to relate to hard drives? CHS mode, ECHS mode, and LBA(Logical Block Addressing) mode also known as limitation mode. these mode are use by the bios to figure the hard drive space. 10. Which mode must be used for a 10 GB hard drive? LBA (logical block addressing) mode 11. What is the ATA standard that changed the number of bits used to address data on a hard drive? ATA/ATAPI-6 standard (aka ATA/100) allows for 48-bit addressing over the original 28-bits. This allowed for the breaking of the 137GB barrier limitation. 12. How does block mode give faster access to a hard drive? How can you disable block mode? it allows multiple data transfers each time software request data. you can disable block mode in CMOS Setup 13. When installing a hard drive and a CD-ROM drive on the same IDE channel, which do you configure as the master and which as the slave? Configure the hard drive as the master and the CD-ROM as the slave. 14. What are three ATA hard drive interface standards that do not use a 40-conductor hard drive cable? atapi-4, atapi-5, atapi-6 15. Generally, which transfer mode is faster, DMA or PIO? DMA 16. When two drives are connected to the same data cable connected to an IDE channel, how does BUIS know which drive controls the channel? The jumpers on each drive have been set to either Master or Slave, or the drive jumpers have been sent to Cable Select the bios will select the first connector as Master and second connector as Slave 17. If a motherboard has two parallel ATA connections, how many EIDE devices can the system support? The system will be able to support 4 EDIE devices, 2 devices per cable. 18. If a hard drive is too small to physically fit snugly into the drive bay, what can you do? You can use the universal kit to snugly fit the hard drive into the drive bay. 19. How can you tell which side of a hard drive's data cable connects to pin 1 on the drive? These PC cables have a notch or key on one side of plug and can only be inserted in one orientation in connector socket. If the notch is missing, you may also look for a small arrow mark on pin 1 of the cable plug. Other marking is that the ribbon or flat cable some times will have the first wire in a different color compared to rest of the cable. 20. If your BIOS does not support a large-capacity drive that you want to install what five choices do you have? Let the Bios see the drive as a smaller drive Upgrade the bios Replace the motherboard Use software that interfaces between the older bios and the newer drive Use an ATA Controller card to provide the ATA connector and firmware substitute for the motherboard bios 21. Which ATA standard allows for serial ATA and serial attached SCSI to coexist in the same system? ATA/ATAPI-7 -Serial SCSI standard is compatible with serial ATA drives in the same system 22. What is the name of the power connector used with floppy drives? Berg connector 23. How many pins does a floppy drive cable have? A standard floppy drive cable in a computer has 34 pins. 24. What was the underlying cause that prevented hard drives from breaking the 137 GB size barrier until the ata/atapi-6 standard was released? The fact that the hard drive, the system BIOS, and the OS used 28 bits to communicate addresses to the data on the drive. 25. Why does the serial ATA drive sometime have two power connectors on the drive? One power connector is for the SATA power cable and the other is for the standard power cable. Use one or the other depending on what power connectors you have available in your system but not both. 26. What is the name of the expansion card in a SCSI system the controls the SCSI bus? The expansion card called the host adapter is responsible for managing all devices on the SCSI bus. SCSI is a peer to peer interface. 27. Why is it not necessary to inform CMOS setup about the installation of a new hard drive? Most drive standards are automatically detected. 28. Which has a faster interface to the system, and external serial ATA head drive or an external FireWire hard drive? external serial ATA is six times faster 29. On a floppy disk, how many bits are used for each entry in the FAT? The width of each entry in the FAT is 12 bits. 30. How can you tell if your motherboard chipset supports Ultra DMA mode? Pentium motherboards that have the Intel TX Chipset, Pentium II motherboards starting with the Intel LX, BX and subsequent Intel Chipsets have UDMA capability. The chipset is displayed on system startup, which is called CMOS Setup. If unsure, consult system or motherboard documentation or manufacturer for chipset and UDMA performance verification.

What makes a serial ATA hard drive compatible with a ATX motherboard?

The serial ATA connector on the motherboard.

Which Hard drive type with 7 conductors?

serial ata