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yes but it takes a very long time. About 80 days I think you can after you have played to game for a long time.


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not on my sims but you could on the sims

On the Sims 2 DS you can. What you need is the Sims 2 DSgamecard the GAMEBOY ADVANCE gamecard in at the same time. Then you can unlock both the Moogoo Monkey game in the casino AND having a baby.

Unfortunately , no you cannot have a baby on the Nintendo DS on the Sims 2 or my Sim's But you can on the PC.

you can't on Nintendo ds because it's rated E not Teen.

you can't. well not on Nintendo ds

No I don't think you can. Most of the time the sim games for Nintendo DS suck. You can't have a baby in them.

It is possible for dogs to breed in "The Sims 2 Apartment Pets" for the Nintendo DS. A person may keep the pets or give them up for adoption.

I really hate Sim Island, and Sims Pets

Sims 2 Apartment Life is for PC, but Apartment Pets is only on Nintendo DS as far as I'm concerned.

No in sims 2 pets you can't have a family or mate. Its just you taking care of sick animals

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can only run a hotel and have the chance to have friendships with sims not marriages.

Yes, it is a Nintendo DS game

I have Sims 2 Apartment Pets for Nintendo DS. On my game, no. It's rated E, so I guess it'd be inappropriate or something.

At the present time The Sims 4 has not been released on the Nintendo DS.

The Sims 3 for DS has been released.

The Sims 2 games for the Nintendo DS do not involve any situations that may rated T for Teen (inappropriate content) or Pegi 12. The Sims 2 games for the DS are clean and do not involve action that may be unsuitable for younger children. However, The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Pets both have a rating of 7+s so they are not an E for Everyone. The closest EA has in their Sims 2 series of games for the DS is Apartment Pets; rated 3+.

no. on the sims 2 pets for the computer yes

No they cant, but in the Sims 2 PC and mac, Console, Nintendo DS, and in the Sims 3: Seasons

Erm, no you cant have a baby. The other persons answer was complete and utter rubbish, Hope i helped :')

Zhu Zhu pets is coming out on March 21 2010 on Nintendo DS.

how do you buy a cot in the sims 3 nintendo ds

The sims 3 for Nintendo ds has come out already in America!

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