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AnswerIf the primary on the contract does not pay then the lienholder comes after the co-signer for the payment. The credit of both the primary and co-signer are going to show repossession. If the lender has kept the title in its files as part of the loan process and is listed as a primary lienholder, it can sell the vehicle after the repossession.
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Q: Can you have a co-signer removed from a title after the car is repossessed?
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Can a cosigner have a car repossessed if the loan has been in arrears?


If you refinance a loan to have the cosigner removed and the cosigner has the car how do you go about getting the car from them if the loan and title are now in your name only?


If a car was voluntary repossessed and the cosigner was not notified is the cosigner still responsible?

Yes. If you signed the loan, you are still legally responsible for it.

What happens when a car is repossessed and you are the cosigner?

You will also be liable for any deficiency balance

Can a car be repossessed with title and no lien on it?


Can a cosigner drive a car if they are on the title?


Can a cosigner take possession of a car if the primary signer is not paying the payments?

Not unless the the cosigner is on the vehicle title. If not on the title the only entitlement the cosigner has is to pay the bill.

How can the cosigner of a car immediately have possession of it after it was repossessed by the bank?

When you cosign for anyone you are taking 100% responsibility for the payments on that car. If the person that gets the car doesn't keep their payments up it will be repossessed by the bank with an option for the cosigner to take over payments or sell the car and pay back the loan. Marcy

Can your car be repossessed if there is no lien holder on title?


Can the cosigner who has been making the lease payments have the car repossessed so he can use it?

Don, IF your name is on the title as co-owner, you would just be taking possession of your own car. If its NOT on the title, you cant take possession legally.Why not go to the person in possession and tell them to give up the car??

Can your car be repossessed on a title loan after gone into collections?

Yes, your car can be repossessed if the title loan is in collections. Actually, this is one of the most common ways for a defaulted title loan to be settled.

Can rims be removed from a repossessed car as personal belongings?


Can a cosigner register a car?

I'am a cosigner on the car that I'am driving. I have the title but it is in my ex-husband's name and mine. Will the DMV in Mississippi let me register the car if he is not present?

What rights does a cosigner have to gain possession of the vehicle if his name is on the title in Pennsylvania?

It depends on what the title says. The title can say "The owner of the vehicle is Name 1 or Name 2." If the title says this then the cosigner has limited rights to get the car. Whoever has the vehicle can sell the car without the cosigners signature. Now if the cosigner has the car, the cosigner can sell the car without the main owners signature. If the title states Name 1 and Name 2, then you have same rights as the main owner of the car. This means if Name 1 trys to sell it, they can't sell it without your signature.

Will your name came off the car title if your car is repossessed?

Your name is probably not on the car title in the first place. When you are paying off a car loan, the title is in the name of the lender. Once the final payment has been made, then the lien is removed, a title is issued in your name and you own it outright.Of course, if you put your cleared title car up as collateral and have failed to make good on a debt, then it can be repossessed. State law will give you time to buy the car back and pay penalties. Once your time is up, then the car is sold and the new owner takes possession with his name now on the title.

How do you get a cosigner off of a car title if the car is paid off?

You cant without the cosigners approval.

When two couples divorce and the ex wife is a cosigner what notification should she receive when his car is repossessed?

you lost your husband and a car too! They don't have to give you any notice. The divorce settlement should have included you being taken off the title with no financial responsibility whatsoever for the car.

Can a car be repossessed if there is a lien holder on title but there is no actual loan?


After you buy a repossessed car does it stay marked as repossessed as long as it is driven even though it is paid off?

The car isn't damaged, the debtor's credit rating is. There is no permanent record of the car as a repossessed vehicle like there is for a salvaged title.

Can a cosigner take away your car even though payments are not delinquent?

No. Unless the cosigner is also a title holder they have no legal rights to the vehicle.

If a car was repossessed how long does it stay on your credit before it is removed?

7 years

What can you do if you have a clear title and your car gets repossessed?

If you have a clear title, you car can't be repossessed. Either the title isn't clear or the leinholder believes monies are still owed on the car. If the title is clear, show it to the company authorizing the repossession. If you truly had clear title and there were no leins or other encumberances and a judge didn't declare that the car was to be sold to satisfy OTHER debts, you can sue for damages. If you didn't owe money to the people who had the car repossessed, you should be able to sue them for LOTSA BUCKS, and you definitely should.

My car loan is paid in full how can I have the co signer removed from the title in the state of Ohio?

go to the bank or wher ever you got your loan have them sign off the title then go to the bmv and submit the title and it should come back with out the lien holder and cosigner on it

How do you take a car from the owner if you are a cosigner?

Unless you are also on the title you will need to do it through a lawsuit.

Can someone put you as a cosigner without your signature on a car title?

No-they probably forged your signature