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Can you have a luteal phase defect after a normal pregnancy and delivery?

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From doing research it is possible to have LPD after a normal pregnancy, from reading nothing indicates that pregnancy itself will/would lead to this problem but I suggest doing some research maybe on FertilityFriend or one of the other fertility web sites to get more information. Basically having a normal pregnancy once does not necessarily mean you cannot have fertility issues later.

Anything is possible. I had a Luteal Phase Deficiency for years which was the cause of my infertility. There are progrestrone supplements ie Duphaston, Crinone that can assist the phase however, they are prescribed by your doctor.

2015-07-15 21:24:26
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Is 238 days of delivery in pregnancy is normal?

No. It takes 280 days ( 10 lunar months) for normal delivery to take place. Such delivery is called as premature delivery.

What is anterior placenta grade 2 maturity in pregnancy?

Means normal delivery...........congrats

When the uterus returns to its normal size is it the a luteal phase b menarche c puerperium c ovulation?

The uterus returns to its normal size at the puerperium. The puerperium is the time from the delivery of the placenta to the first few weeks after childbirth.

How do you know how long your luteal phase is?

Women have their luteal phase soon after ovulation is finished up to their first menstrual period. On average, women have a 14 days luteal phase. The normal luteal phase is 10-16 days. But if you want to get pregnant having 12 or higher luteal phase is ideal.

5 causes of maternal mortality and infant?

Normal Delivery and Other complications related to pregnancy occurring in the course of labor, delivery and puerperiumHypertension complicating pregnancy, childbirth & puerperiumPostpartum HemorrhagePregnancy with abortive outcomeHemorrhages related to pregnancy

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to pregnancy and the puerperium?

gravidopuerperal: pretaining to the pregnancy and the childbirth (from delivery until reproductive organs return to normal.

Is normal delivery possible in case of test tube babies?

With "test tube babies" the only difference is that the eggs are fertilized in a lab, then implanted in the mother, or a surrogate. The same problems that can prevent normal delivery in a regular pregnancy can also prevent normal delivery in the case of test tube babies.

What is normal spontneous delivery?

Normal vaginal delivery.

Is it possible normal delivery when first delivery not normal?


How is short term disability due to pregnancy paid?

The standard benefit for normal delivery is six weeks for vaginal birth, and eight weeks for a c-section delivery.

15 dpo neg hpt last luteal phase 12 days low post o temps no signs of period felt a bit sick 10 dpo till lunch then fine Could i still be pregnant?

If your temperature has dropped to normal post-ovulatory levels, then it is unlikely that you are pregnant. The body needs to produce enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy, and a decrease in BBT (if it stays low) indicates a decrease in progesterone. You may want to talk to the doctor about whether or not you have a luteal phase defect.

If you are 15 dpo and no bbt drop but on 13 dpo you took a neg hpt did you just test to early?

It is possible you tested early and your body was not producing enough HCG (the hormone detecting by pregnancy tests). Many women aren't able to see a positive HPT for days past their missed period - that is normal. It is also normal to have a longer luteal phase of 15 days, so that doesn't necessarily indicate pregnancy (for example, my luteal phase is 17 days long!).

Placenta previa at the 6th month of pregnancy is there chance of normal delivery?

the doctor may want to induce the labor at exactly 9 months. yes it will be normal.

Is it normal to be lactating in your seventh month of pregnancy?

Yes this is very normal hun. The nipple discharge you're having is colostrum & will not turn into milk until after the delivery of your baby.

How does having HenochSchonlein Purpura as a child affect conception and pregnancy?

I had it as a child (5yo/F) and have not had any trouble in regard to fertility or pregnancy. Became pregnant at 23 and had an uneventful pregnancy and normal delivery. Hope that helps.

What is the normal creatinine level for pregnancy?

what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy? what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy?

What is cesarian delivery and normal delivery?

cesarian delivery is when the doctors or nurse cuts your tummy to get the baby out while normal delivery the baby come out of the women's vagina.

What does the uterus do after the baby is born?

It sheds all the tissue and material from the pregnancy thru the vagina for several days. It contracts some after delivery to help restore itself to normal size and expel the contents of delivery. It takes several weeks for it to return to its normal size and thickness.

Is forceps delivery considered normal spontaneuos delivery?


If You have your tubes tied and you are pregnant through invitro. Are you going to have a normal delivery?

There is no guarantee to any woman of a normal delivery. If you are carrying a single fetus, you will probably have a normal delivery.

Can you collect state disability from NJ while on maternity leave?

Yes, NJ State Disability covers your maternity leave for normal pregnancy and delivery.

What is normal spontaneous delivery?

Medically, a normal spontaneous delivery is called a "normal vaginal birth" or "vaginal birth without complications".

What is standard delivery?

Standard delivery - is normal postal delivery - as opposed to special, recorded or courier delivery.

Is it normal for the bump to move downwards in the seventh month of pregnancy?

Yes, this is normal, as the baby and the mother prepares for delivery the baby must move toget in the right position, so you may notivce this fromt he 7th month but it will also continue to seem to move downwards until delivery.

Can healthy pregnancy happen with torch positive?

The answer is yes, probably. You do not do the torch test in normal cases. You will have to go for TORCH test after normal delivery in many patients. You will probably find few of them, who are TORCH positive.