Can you have a squirrel monkey as a pet?

It really depends on what state you live in because different us states, have different laws. Here are states that allow monkey ownership. Please dont run get a monkey as soon as you see if you are allowed becaus in some places various counties have bans, and all though it is legal for the state, it is illegal for the county you may live in. States with various counties with bans include North Carolina and Texas probably more. Some places require permits so call your local division of wildlife to find out if your county is okay and if it requires a permit, i have included the contact info. Any state not listed has a ban on monkey ownership. If you get a monkey in an illegal state, the monkey will be confiscated, most likely euthanized and you will get a trip to jail. ONLY GET A MONKEY IF YOU CAN MEET ALL IT'S NEEDS!!!!The only states allowing exotic pets are:
Alabama (334) 243-3465 Division of Fish and game contact number
Arizona (602) 942-3000 or 942-4006 Game and Fish Dept.
Arkansas (501) 223-6300 or 223-6359 Dept. of Fish and Game
Delaware (302) 739-5295 or 739-5297 Division of Fish and Wildlife
Florida (904) 488-3641 or 488-6253 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision
Idaho (208) 334-3736 or 327-7025 Fish and Game Dept.
Illinois pending ban (unknown ownership allowance) (217) 782-7305 or 782-2965
Indiana (317) 232-4080 or 232-4040 Division of Fish and Wildlife
Kansas (316) 671-5911 Dept. of Wildlife and Parks
Maine (207) 287-2571 or 289-3651 Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Michigan Pending Ban (unknown ownership allowance) (517) 373-1263
Missouri- Illegal in St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson
Mississippi (601) 364-2214 or 364-2022 Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Montana Unknown (406) 444-2950 or 444-2535 Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Nebraska (402) 471-5462 or 464-0641 Game and Parks Commision
Nevada (702) 688-1500 or 688-1549 Dept. of Wildlfe
North Carolina 733-7291 Wildlife Resources Commission
North Dakota (701) 221-6335 Game and Fish Dept.
Ohio (614) 265-6300 or 265-7027 Dept. of Natural Resources
Oklahoma (405) 521-3851 or 521-2739 Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
Pennsylvania (717) 782-4250 or 787-5740 Game Commission
Rhode Island (401) 227-3576 or 789-3094 Division of Fish and Wildlife
South Carolina (803) 734-3833 or 734-3888 Wildlife and Marine Resources
South Dakota (605) 773-3485 or 773-3381 Dept. of Game Fish and Parks
Tennessee (615) 781-6585 or 781-6610 Wildlife Resources Agency
Texas (512) 389-4419 or 389-4822
Please be responsible if you get a monkey, they are wild animals that require a lot of care. If it is legal for you to own one and you need a website to get information on caring for one go to