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Yes you can.

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Q: Can you have missed periods after being off birth control for a month?
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If you go off birth control after being on it for a long time can it cause irregular and missed periods?


Can you be sure as to why you missed a period while on birth control?

Some women miss periods as a side effect of birth control. some women miss complete periods while on birth control.

Missed your periods for six months?

caused from prenacy or birth control

If you missed 2 periods while on birth control what does this mean?

you are pregnant. this might be hard to believe but you are. deal with it.

Can your obgyn tell if you don't take your birth control pill?

Your OBGYN can't tell whether or not you're taking your birth control pill. Frequent complaints of irregular bleeding and missed periods raise suspicion of missed pills.

You had a period 2 months after you gave birth you have been taking birth control for 3 months stopped nursing and have missed 2 periods What could be the reason for missing your period?

the birth control is probably it.

What could cause a 2nd period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills?

Hi, The following can cause too many periods while on birth control. * The doseage of birth control not being high enough for you. * Wrong type of birth control for you. * Missed birth control pill(s). * Pregnancy. * Urinary tract infection. Please note this is advice only and should not be used in place of a medical experts.

What are causes of a missed period?

Hello, There are a variety of causes for a missed period. Causes of a missed period are as follows: * Pregnancy. * Taking the Plan B pill. * Missing Birth Control Pills. * Recently starting Birth Control Pills. * Irregular Periods. * PCOS. * Late Ovulation. * Stress. * Urinary Tract Infection. * Vaginal Infection. Not ovulating can cause irregular periods, also stress and starvation can cause you to miss a period.

Do you still get periods while being on birth control?

Yes, many woman still get monthly bleeding while taking birth control pills.

Can you do or take anything to skip a period on purpose without being on birth control?

Birth control is the only healthy way of skipping a period. Continous skipping of periods through birth control is not adviseable.

Birth control skiping periods?

Women can take the birth control pills continuously without a break to skip the periods.

Can taking missed birth control all at once make you sick?

Nausea can be a side effective of doubling up on the birth control pill after missed pills.

What happens if you dont get your period after you start the sugar pills in your birth control?

Sometimes your periods are late or non-existent on the birth control pill. If you have missed pills or are concerned you can take a pregnancy test. Missing birth control pills will decrease the effectiveness of them preventing you from becoming pregnant. The birth control pills will not make the pregnancy test come up positive.

Can malnutrition cause spotting between periods even if you are on birth control?

Being on the pill can cause spotting between periods, called breakthrough bleeding.

Two missed periods on birth control never missed always used protection during sex. could i be pregnant?

Been there, done that. My child is now 18 years old. Best "oops" moment I have ever had!

What if you missed 4 months birth control shot can you get pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant if you missed a birth control shot for four months. However, doctors say that it takes about a week after a missed period to get pregnant.

What could be wrong if you don't get one of your regular periods?

You could have the chance of being pregnant. But there are also other factors that could affect this: stress, phys. activity, being overweight/underweight. If you have been sexually active recently and missed your periods your might want to take a test. Birth Control can also mess up the cycle as well.

While on birth control how long should your periods last?

While on birth control, your periods should last just as long as when you're not on birth control. Some women regularly experience 2-3 day periods while other women can regularly experience 6-8 day periods.

What causes a woman to skip her periods?

Various things: Pregnancy, illness, birth control, being a teenager, menopause...

Can you get pregnant while your bleeding light brown and on birth control?

No, you sound normal. The longer I was on the pill the lighter my periods got. If you missed any pills you may have a problem, but I doubt that you are.

Can missed birth control pills cause late periods?

Yes because when you miss birth control pills it messed up your cycle and your period may be late and you might even experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding. When you miss more than 2 birth control pills it is best to use a back up method such as condoms until you have finished the pack of pills. If you have unprotected intercourse when you missed pills, you may become pregnant.

Can you take birth control to delay period if you're not on birth control?

You shouldn't be taking birth control if you're not prescribed it. Birth control pills don't stop periods, they stop pregnancy.

Will gaining 10 lbs cause a missed period?

It shouldn't have any effect on your periods. You could be under stress or if you are between the ages of 12 - 16 it's not uncommon to miss several periods. If you go on the birth control pill this can cause this as well and it can happen if you go off the birth control pill. If it continues please see your doctor.

Can you get pregnant if you missed four birth control pills?


Why do I have Multiple periods on contraceptive pill?

You shouldn't be having multiple periods when on birth control pills. You need to see your Doctor about this. It's possible the birth control you're on isn't suitable for you so a change of birth control may be advisable.

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