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Can you have more than one Siamese fighting fish in the same tank?


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only one will survive! You can have a group of females together.


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Yes, the term Betta and Siamese fighting fish are both names for Betta splendens, the same species of fish.

Yes. A Siamese Fighting Fish is one of many , many different types of bettas.

Yes. The Betta splendens (scientific name) known also by its common names Siamese Fighting-Fish and the Siamese Fighter.

Yes, but only fish that are the same size or smaller than them. * I have seen a Siamese Fighting Fish kill a Goldfish before. R.I.P. Goldie. *

Angelfish will likely pick and nip at fighting fish if put in the same aquarium.

The the very aggressive (toward other males of the same species) fish is found in the wild in Thailand, formerly known as Siam. Hence the name SIAMese Fighting Fish.

if you put it in a same tank and it murders another fish it is a boy

Yes, you can just not have 2 male bettas together.

Siamese fighting fish do sleep. They are the same as all fish. When fish sleep they don't close their eyes because they don't need eye lids to protect their eyes, instead they just rest on the bottom of the aquarium with their eyes open.

Siamese fighting fish do not become pregnant, though they do breed. A female Siamese fighting fish is ready to breed when a white thing is sticking out just behind the ventral fin. The male is almost always ready to breed. If the fish are in the same tank, the male may flare, and chase the female. The male also may have built a nest of bubbles that float on the surface.

Yes. Along time ago, they where trained for fighting. but please don't put them in the same bowl.It is a cruel thing to do.

The fish you are refering to as a "Japanese fighting fish" does not exist. There are no fighting fish that come from Japan. Japan is a cold country not a tropical one. The Koi Carp were developed in Japan. The fish I THINK you mean is the "Siamese fighting fish" more correctly the "Betta splendens". Yes they do fight but only the males fight and they will only fight against another male of the same species.

Chinese fighting fish cannot be in the same tank as tetras. These fish are supposed to be separated, unless one male, one female. Some tetra types can nip the fancy fins of the male Fighting fish, and there are some claims of fighting fish mistaking the bright colours of tetras for another fighting fish and attacking and killing them.

They need a 5+ Gallon tank and you can only have one in the same tank.

The male Betta will only fight another male Betta. They are slow, timid and peacefull fish except when another fish of the same sex and species is in the same vicinity.

Well... if they are anything like Siamese fighting fish take 12 or more flakes/pellets and spread them around the tank/bowl. If two are eyeing the same piece or start fighting over one then lead one of them to another flake/pellet or drop another one near bye. Hope this helps but if it doesn't then ask your local petshop person for tips!

They are one and the same. The Betta splendens is commonly called Fighting fish, Chinese fighting fish, Siamese fighting fish, Malaysian fighting fish and just Betta. Two males will fight to the death and a male will kill a female if she is not prepared to spawn with him. He will also kill the female after she has spawned. So the rule is only one Betta splendens to a tank.

If you refer to a Siamese fighting fish (betta), they are territorial toward each other. They will most likely fight each other if there are more than just one in the same tank. It must be avoided.

The male Siamese fighting fish (or Betta splendens) will only fight with another male of the same species. Under normal circumstances they are a quiet, slow moving and peacefull fish. It is only when another male of the same species is introduced to its tank that the Betta becomes territorial and aggressive.

Females will get along with each other. Don't put males together or they'll fight to the death.

No they can not. Some people call a Betta splendens a Betta or a Siamese fighter or a Japanese Fighting Fish. They are all refering to the same species of fish. They come in both males and females and both are needed to produce any young.

Absolutely not. They are called fighting fish for a reason and should never be kept with others of the same species. They will fight to the death and if evenly matched both males' injuries may prove fatal.

If by "Japanese warrior fish" you are asking about Betta splendens the "Siamese fighting fish" then the answer is simple. It is only the male of this species that is renowned for its fighting and these male fish will only fight with another male of the same species. They are placid fish and can be kept safely with almost any other tropical species that are not too boisterous, because Siamese fighters are slow movers and tend to get their fins nipped and are often picked on in a community situation.

Win what? be more specific. If you mean in a territorial dispute, an adult fighting fish will get eaten (literally) by and adult convict cichlid. but if the cichlid and the fighting fish are of the same size then the fighting fish would be at an advantage.

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