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It is likely that your pelvic bone will still be too small. But talk to your doctor, if you choose you may be able to try again for a vaginal birth. There is a risk of your uterus rupturing with a vaginal birth after having a c section. But it is possible to have a vbac (vaginal birth after ceaserian). My aunt had two c sections and with her third had a vaginal delivery.Talk to your doctor and see what is the best for you and the baby.

Absolutely! When doctors are not sure why they gave you a c-section, they will often tell you that your pelvis is too small. This is hardly ever correct. Find Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Child Birth and you will gain a whole new opinion on what childbirth should be. Some of it was a little hippie for me, but I learned so much! My first baby was born by c-section. My second baby is due in July and I've hired a doula for this one. I'm confident that this birth will be vaginal. Don't just go by what your doctor tells you! Pretty much every test and almost all the decisions during labor and childbirth can be made by you. Be informed!

If your pelvic bone is too small, most likely you will have another c-section. My mom had an emergency one her first time because her cervix didn't dialate due to her pelvic bone being small and the head didn't come through. With her second pregnancy she went ahead and scheduled a c-section because of this. So, most likely not unless you dialte enough.

You can absolutely have a natural childbirth after a c-section. Even though the medical community as a whole does all that it can to deter women from making the better choice of natural childbirth. My first child was a c-section because the Dr. induced my labor two weeks early unnecessarily and after 3 days the baby wasn't born. My 5 month old was born naturally as a VBAC with no complications and came on my due date with only 2 1/2 hours labor. There are risks to VBACing and you should be aware of them. But all pregnancy and childbirth has risks. The International Caesarean Network (ICAN online) has many resources. And Ina Mae Gaskin's books also, as previously recommended, are wonderful. Do all your research.

Excellent answer! I too have had a c-section with my first child. She was breech (feet first). I have gone on to have 4 VBAC's. If you desire a vaginal birth you must find a Doctor Who supports you! And a hospital who will deliver you. Google VBAC and that should start you on you way to locating the friendly VBAC states and wishes!

You definitely can. I had an emergency Caesar for my first one and am going to try natural for this one. If you are worried, talk to your doctor and ask them to check your bone structure to see if it is fine. Mine is, so I am determined to have this one naturally. Don't be scared to ask questions. That's what they are there for. The midwives can really help too. They do their job everyday and see a wide range of circumstances. Just remember, IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU!!!

My sister-in-law had an emergency c section at full ditation with her first because the baby was not descending and was becoming distressed.

With her second delivery 18 months later she was so quick that my brother didn't get to the hospital in time. She has gone on to have 3 more VBAC.

On a TV program the other day there was a woman who had a waterbirth, at home after 4 C sections. Just proves it can be done.

BUT a friend of mine ended up with a Hysterectomy after trying for a VBAC after having her twins by C section first time round.

Every one is different.

Please read Birth after Cesarean by Bruce Flamm MD. It has alot of helpful and useful information.

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Q: Can you have natural childbirth after a C-section?
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