Can you have no period at all become pregnant?


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Yes. If you do not use a condom, you are at risk of pregnancy. Practice abstinence, kid.

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no if you dont have your period your pregnant but if you do have a period you are most likely not pregnant

Yes if after your period but if seven days before your period you will not become pregnant...

You can become pregnant as early as your first period.

Certainly. Although most women do not become pregnant while on their period, it is not unheard of. When a woman becomes pregnant is strictly dependent upon when she ovulates. For most women, but not all, she ovulates around 14 days before her expected period.

yes you can get pregnant you can't get pregnant if your period is still bleeding

When you are not on your period the lining of your womb thickens (it is made of blood) and this is the best time to have sex if you want to become pregnant. If you do become pregnant you will miss your period because the lining is needed for the baby to grow. If you don't become pregnant, when your period is due the lining will be 'flushed' out of your body through the vagina. This is why you have a period.

there is no certain age you have to be to be able to get pregnant. Once you get your first period you can become pregnant and some people are young and some are older when they get their first period.

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

If you have never had your period then you can't become pregnant.. but if you have then your most vonerable to become pregnant during a week before your next period cycle.

yes you can get pregnant anytime even including on your period

have sex about a week before your period is due. have it often, then if you miss your period, your pregnant

You can become pregnant while ovulating or on your period.

A matter of fact you can you can become pregnant anytime of the month you can still have a period and be pregnant or just about to start your period

Normal. When you become pregnant you periods stop until after the birth.

Your period would be shorter than usual because it isn't an actual period. You'll feel cramps and all. very similar sypthoms but not a real period

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

When you become pregnant your ovaries stop making eggs, your period is triggered by unfertilized eggs.

Once a female has her period, she is then fertile and can become pregnant.

when you become pregnant you don't usually have your period. You could "spot" and if you do you should think about seeing a doctor but normally you wouldn't get your period

Yes. Anytime you ovulate you can become pregnant. It has nothing to do with how long your period lasts.

people have actually become pregnant while on their period, so any time really, you should always use protection.

Well ovulation is more important when become pregnant than the period but in order to ovulate you must have your period. Generally you get your period between ages 9-14. A woman is most likely to become pregnant when she is ovulation (when her ovaries release an egg). Once the egg is released, sperm from the male, fertilizes it and it grows into a baby. But you do not have to be on your period to become pregnant. A woman generally ovulates about 14 days after her menstrual period.

Girls can become pregnant after receiving their period

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