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Goldfish do not get pregnant.

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2008-11-20 03:41:09
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Q: Can you have other types of fish in your tank while one of your goldfish is pregnant?
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Are goldfish bad for pregnant ladies?

You can continue to keep, and care for goldfish while pregnant. Goldfish are not edible, at least not to humans, so as long as you are not eating them, you will be fine.If you mean the goldfish crackers, then those are just fine to eat as well.

Is it safe to clean my goldfish bowl while you're pregnant?

There is nothing unsafe about caring for your fish while pregnant, so you can continue as normal

Do Blue and Gold Gourami get along with goldfish?

While it's possible that many types of fish may appear to get along, they are not compatible. Goldfish and gouramis should not be housed in the same tank as their needs are different. Goldfish are best living with goldfish.

Is there any medications you can take while pregnant for your nerves and anxiety?

Any types of meds taken while pregnant you have to discuss with your doctor. Especially meds for that!

Are goldfish male?

Some goldfish are male, while others are female.

Can your goldfish eat a live spider?

While a goldfish may have a chew on something that falls into your tank, it's not recommended to purposely feed them spiders (or flies, or any other bug).

Can you eat activia yogurt while pregnant?

No, do not eat activia yogurt while pregnant. Just eat the other kind of yogurt.

Can my dog only get pregnant while she is in heat with bleeding?

Yes, any other time she can not get pregnant. I have never before heard of dogs getting pregnant while they were not in heat.

Can you put a dragon fish in with a goldfish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with a few exceptions. Dragon fish are saltwater while goldfish are freshwater, thus their needs are vastly different

How long do baby goldfish stay black?

We have had 2 hatchings of goldfish and they usually start changing to gold, or any other colors that they will be, at a month old, and will continue to change color while they grow.

Do goldfish eat cheese?

Please do not feed a goldfish cheese. While they may eat it, it is not good for fish. Fish do not have the ability to break down animal fats like humans or other animals.

What is safe to take for indgestion while pregnant?

Tums or other antiacid

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