Can you have the flu twice?

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The FLU constantly mutates into different strains. It is possible to get the flu more than once in any given year and even though the immune system has built immunity to one strain, it is possible to catch another.

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Q: Can you have the flu twice?
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Can you get flu twice?

Yes, it's possible.

Can you catch the flu twice in one year?

Yes. That is because there are different types of the flu. And on top of that there are hundreds of sub flu types.

Is it harmful for a 4 year old to receive the flu shot twice?

No. 10 years of age and younger are supposed to get it twice.11 and older only get is once.BTW: this is for swine fluAsk docter about regular flu

Which of these killed twice as many people as had died in World War I?

flu epidemic (A+)

Can you take the flu shot twice?

Yes and no technically u have to take it once a year

What killed twice as many people as has died in world war 1?

The Spanish flu?

Is it possible to catch flu twice within 3 weeks?

In theory yes because there are many types of flu virus. However, this would be extremely rare.

If you have the Swine Flu can you get it again?

well getting swine flu twice is about as likely as getting chicken pox twice. it is possible and does happen to people however it is not that common. So u can get swine flu twice however its harder to get it the second time and i do not think anyone has got swine flu for the third time as its basically impossible as the first and second time you have to take tami-flu which helps fight swine therefore making it impossible to get it a third time as the immune system is to strong. hope i helped. please leave feedback on my message board.

Can you catch the flu twice in the same month?

Well I'm the proof that you can! I've been sick with the flu again after I've just recovered from it 3 weeks prior to that. It would usually be a different type of flu the second time, though.

What if a 9 years old got flu short twice within 2 weeks?

it means u suk

Can you catch the same virus twice?

Usually not the same exact one that you had previously, if you are an otherwise healthy person with a healthy immune system.An example is the flu. Influenza is caused by a virus. If you are exposed to an identical version of the flu that you had previously after you have recovered fully from it the first time, then your body should have developed immunity to all genetically identical kinds of flu and you would not get it a second time. However, the flu can change by mutations and if it does change enough that the immune system no longer sees it as identical, then you would not have immunity to the mutated strain. You can get the flu twice, but if the immune system is properly functioning, it would not be the same flu virus.

Is it harmful to you if you received a flu shot twice this year by mistake and you are 65 years of age?

Not harmful, just expensive and unnnecessary.

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