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Can you have your Winchester model 100 rechambered for 358?


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It could be done. The .358 Winchester uses the .308 Winchester as its parent case, and the pressures generated are comparable. However, you would first need to verify whether or not .358 barrels are available for the Model 100, and whether or not the .358 Winchester would feed reliably in a semi-auto. The conversion could be done, providing the right items are available, but whether or not it would be advisable is a different matter altogether.

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I am not sure about the current value, but it is not a 358 Winchester, but is a 356 Winchester.

The Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961, 358 caliber is worth $3,900 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is worth $999.

I have seen them sold between $800 & a little over $1000

yes it did. although very scarce. i know of one,yes its real. so rare that gun price guides don't list this caliber.

There is no such rifle, the Winchester Model 88 is a highly collectible lever action center fire rifle available in .243, .284, .308, and .358.

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Any rifle with the correct high grade ammo in .358 Winchester or .35 Whelen on up, can do the job just fine, and many have been killed with the .30-06. The .35 Winchester in the model 95 Winchester was considered to be one of the best, and it is well below the power of the .358 Winchester, especially in the newest loads available. The .300 Winchester magnum or the .338 Winchester magnum are likely ideal, but they kick enough to make a brass monkey flinch, and are not for the average hunter. The other advantage of the .358 Winchester, is you do not need a long barrel or a heavy rifle to do the job. Unless you are shooting at distances of 300 yards, there really is no advantage to the big magnums, and they are also quite cumbersome to say the least. A 300 mag or bigger to be on the safe side

The current value of a pre-64 Winchester model 70 featherweight chambered in .358 running between 1,250-2,500 dollars for a rifle exhibiting between 60%-90% of its original finish on both the wood and metal,and a good bore.Some collectors would probably pay more depending on the individual and how bad he wants this rifle for his or her collection.

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