Periods while Pregnant

Can you have your period if you are one to two weeks pregnant?


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No but you can have implantation bleeding

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You ovulate two weeks before menstruation - thus the soonest you'd skip a period is that first period, two weeks after you get pregnant.

Two weeks after you have your period is typically the most likely time to become pregnant.

you really can't get pregnant during your period. Your period happens because you didn't get pregnant. Ovulation is when you get pregnant and it happens about two weeks after your period ends.

You have to ovulate within that 2 weeks. That is generally mid-cycle You have to be ovulating when you have sex before you can be pregnant. this happens two weeks before your period, usually.

Yes. You can get pregnant at any time during your period or not. Two weeks after your period is when you are most fertile.

Could be implantation bleeding. If it is your actual period then it's unlikely that you are pregnant.

You start missing periods as soon as you are pregnant. So if your period was due in two weeks or three weeks from conception - it won't happen.

yes, only one day every month (two weeks after your period) can you ever get pregnant, the only problem is.. people find it difficult to work out what day it is (reason for accidental pregnancies)

YES YOU CAN!!!!! You can actually get pregnant while you have your period - unlikely, but possible.

To try and get pregnant you need to add two weeks (fourteen days) to the FIRST day of your period. You also have a two day window to get pregnant.

No, you cannot menstruate while you are pregnant. Menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant.

you can not get pregnant while you have your period. you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating. ovulation happens about two weeks after your last period. if you are trying for a baby then the doctors can tell you when you are ovulating

Only if you have missed your period. Yes. You can find out you are pregnant two weeks after intercourse exactly or you can go by the date of your next upcoming period.

More likely that you were ovulating. A lot of when spot during ovulation and ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after your last period

Yes, you could be pregnant if you're two weeks late for your period and you're spotting brown. You should take a pregnancy test.

Yes - you can get pregnant before you have reached menarche, this is because ovulation occurs two weeks prior to menstruation, thus you could get pregnant two weeks before your first period was due to start.

sorry, if you have had a period it is unlikely you are pregnant. Nausea can be caused by so many things. Hello. Yes, you could be pregnant. Do a test in one weeks time.

You can tell if you are pregnant two weeks after conception, which is generally around the time of your expected period. Home tests are quite reliable by this time, and blood tests can tell about a week before this. You cannot tell you are pregnant two weeks after your last period as this is around the time you normally conceive.

Yes, you can get implantation bleeding and cramps if you get pregnant.This may occur two weeks after you believed you were due to start your period.

This can actually be a sign of pregnancy. When I became pregnant I had a period and concieved, had a week off and then had another period. Take a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after and you should know for sure.

Pregnancy tests usually work from two weeks after becoming pregnant, regardless of where in your cycle you are.

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