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No, you cannot. The iPod dock is a proprietary device made by Apple to meet only their iPods. Regular MP3 Players cannot use this device.




Yes, CableJive sells cables $48 that converts auxilary to Ipod male connector (your iPod dock is female). If you look in eBay you can by it cheaper $18.99. Do a Google search "auxilary to iPod dock" and you can find more info.



there is a possibility with the ANYCOM FIPO adapter which works with Bluetooth

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Universal iPod Dock for the iPod or iPhone ?

The iPod dock for Apple is a universal dock that can be used with the iPod or iPhone. It includes five dock adapters that fit iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano 5th Generation. The types of dock adapter may vary, depending on when the Apple Universal Dock was purchased. Simply insert the adapter that fits your device, and plug it into your iPhone or iPod. All other models can purchase a dock adapter separately.

IPod to cassette player?

To transfer songs on an iPod to a cassette player one needs an adapter. The adapter cords attach to both devices and allow music to be transferred.

Can you charge an iPod with another iPod using the iPad usb adapter?

No,ipod and ipad are two very different types of technology where as the iphone does have a chance of charging with the ipad usb adapter.

What causes an iPod cassette adapter to eject and not stay in - 2001 Hyundai Accent - I should add that the tape player works fine with regular tapes?

IF the tape player is bad, the IPOD adapter will get ejected as a tape would.

How do you snyc your iPod to your computer?

To sync your iPod with your iTunes, to load music, or even videos and games to your iPod product, you need to use the USB adapter which you get inside the box. You put the dock side of the adapter into your iPod, and the USB 2.0 side of the adapter into your PC/Mac, then iTunes should manually load unless you chose it not to. It will then automatically start syncing it. It's recommended that you do not manually sync your iPod without using iTunes by using My Computer and locating the iPods disk drive.

What does a dock adapter for iPod Nano do?

The Ipod dock adapter charges the nano and allows you to play music if it has speakers

What does a dock adapter for iPod touch do?

A dock adapter for the iPOD touch helps you dock the iPOD touch in any type of speaker system.Its not meant for standing on its self . (Bryan Z. B10) The dock adapter also helps the iPod to stand if there is no space left to put your iPod.

Where can someone buy an iPod adapter?

One can buy an iPod adapter from Best Buy, Staples, or the Apple Store. One could also buy an iPod adapter from Kmart, Target, eBay, Next Tag, or Walmart.

What does the iPod Shuffle Adapter enable you to do?

The iPod Shuffle Adapter enables one to charge their iPod Shuffle and have speaker capabilities. These iPod Shuffler adapters are available online from various websites such as Amazon.

Do you need a dock adapter for ipod?


Do they have a wall charger for the iPod touch?

Apple sells a wall charger adapter for all iPods, including the iPod Touch. You connect the cord to the iPod, and then the USB end to the charger/adapter, and then you plug the charger/adapter into a wall socket.

Does fourth generation iPod touch come with a charger?

The 4th generation iPod Touch comes with the USB cable, which you can use to charge your iPod using a computer or a wall adapter. The iPod does not come with a wall adapter, but you may already have one lying around for a different electronic device, or you could buy one for less than $5 from Amazon.

Does the Kensington iPod car adapter work with the iPod Classic?

Yes it does it works with any ipod except for the ipod shuffle

What is the doc adapter for?

Dock Adapter, which allows iPod nano to fit accessories made by third-party companies who are part of the Made for iPod program.

Can you work on an ipod while charging with usb adapter?

If it is an iPod Touch, yes, you can work on an iPod or use the iPod while it is charging.

Can an iPod nano power adapter be used for a kindle?

Yes, the power adapter is compatible with the Kindle

What is the cost of ipod car adapters?

An iPod car adapter can vary in price depending the type or model of the car adapter. One can find iPod car adapters online at Amazon for as low as $6.

Can an ipod touch work with ipod speaker docks without a dock adapter?


How do you charge iPod?

You plug the USB cord your iPod came with into a wall adapter or a computer, and the other end into your iPod...

Other than a charger what can charge your iPod?

If you plug your iPod into a computer or wall adapter, you can charge your iPod Touch.

What are all the necessary iPod car accessories?

The most important necessary iPod car accessories include the car charger and the power adapter. This will keep your iPod playing and if you have a cassette player in your car buy the tape to go in it.

What are some different types of Apple iPod car accessories?

There are several different types of Apple iPod car accessories. You can get a AM/FM adapter for the iPod and you can also get a charger. They both work using the power from the cigarette lighter in the car.

Will mp3 speakers work for an iPod?

You are able to use mp3 player speakers with your IPOD. You need to make sure they are universal, which most are. Some people find that IPOD speakers do produce better sound quality with your IPOD.

Where can I buy an iPod car adapter?

Apple - Learn about iPod accessories for home, car, and on the go the accessories you need to take your iPod on the road, to the party, ... Shop car accessories at the Apple Online Store ... Apple USB Power Adapter ... Cables & Docks - iPod Speakers - iPod Accessories - iPod Cases iPod Car Audio Accessories - iPod Car Adapters & iPod Car ... items " Shop iPod car audio accessories including iPod car chargers and power adapters. Listen and charge your iPod using these popular iPod car audio .

Can you listen to your iPod and charge it in your car?

yes you can, but first you need to purchase an ipod car adapter