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Thanks for helping. I did put in a K&N air filter and I noticed a difference with it. I tried some splitfire spark plugs but my truck wouldn't run on them; it kept chugging and wanted to die on me when driving. The biggest thing is when I shift from 2nd to 3rd gear while going up an incline I notice a dramatic drop in horse power and it is even worse when I shift from 3rd to 4th. Going up an incline I have to be in 3rd gear and I can barely reach 50-55 mph!

You may be able to net 5-10 horses with a well-tuned engine running performance plugs, air filter, and other cheap "mods". If you have deeper pockets, you may want to look into aluminum or ported heads. Your motor will probably die if you tried nitrous or supercharger/turbocharger. You'd have to build up your engine and most likely your tranny as well in order for it to survive for any length of time Your rear end should be OK.

I have the EXACT same truck and i noticed the same thing. i wanted more hp so i put a K&N air filter and i did notice a pick up in power but im not sure its enough. The same thing happened to me when going up hills too. it still has problems when i shift it in high gear up a hill so i just keep it in third most of the time if its a high incline.

Yeah i have a 1995 Chevy s10 2.2L. I added the K&N intake, noticed some increase, but it wasn't enough. So i looked around and found a variety of options. One is a computer chip, this could increase up to 15% in HP, and 5- 10% in Torque. Another option is Electric fans in the front, dual fans help cool the motor better, and reduce drag on the motor, drastically increasing torque fer that gid'up on the line.The next stage is Nitrous... I know, "but im gonna blow it" true if you don't get the right stuff. ZEX Nitrous makes a beautiful wet kit for this truck. Takes about 6 hours to install even by an amateur. This kit sprays raw fuel and nitrous in a fogger system. This gives you more horsepower. Selectable from 55 to 75 HP, and doesnt lean out your air-fuel mixture, so your rings don't die. About 650 shipped from ZEX.comAfter this another Intake modification. CRYO2 Intake cooling system. This system is cool your air down to -80 Degrees Fahrenheit. That's real cold. You put this after your mass air flow sensor, tricks your ECU, and BAM more air in your engine, hotter burn so lower that thermostat temp to about 90-95 degrees.This system is completely compatible with the nitrous kit....BUT DO NOT run both the COMPUTER CHIP, and the either the nitrous/cryo2 combo... THIS WILL BLOW YUR ENGINE UP.If you want the computer chip to get better power when your not wanting to run NITRO then get on with a On/Off switch... about $300.

You combine all this and you too can run low 15's from a 4 banger. With a racing clutch, and so good traction. I recommend CENTERFORCE Stage 2 cltuch. And YOKOHAMA A-046 Racing tires, these go on EVO 8's. HOT TIRES.HAVE FUN READERSyour good-fun-having washingtonian street racerSqueeze-N-Freeze

Time to trade up. Buy a used or new truck with a slightly bigger engine.Why hold on to a small and slow 4 banger?Is it the challenge of making it run with more power?At least a V6 can usually get out of its own way.

Life is too short to tinker this much (especially if you run afoul of the emissions laws and their keepers - keep it legal and avoid hassles).In an emission controlled vehicle, there is only so much that you can do and still be legal.Of course with gas over $2 per gallon, perhaps you will want to rethink the purchase or a used or new truck with a slightly larger motor. How good is your gas mileage? Perhaps you can get top dollar for your used vehicle, if you sell it as an economical 4 cylinder economy truck.

I am having the same problem. I am amazed that Chevy would create such a truck. I am trying to go fast but I would think that one should be able to cofortably achieve 75 mph in a 1997 vehicle.

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2015-07-15 20:48:37
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Q: Can you increase the horse power of a engine without buying a new engine for a 1995 Chevy S-10 2.2L?
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