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Yes, as long as it isn't a category b write off

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Q: Can you insure a salvage auto that has been repaired?
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What is a repaired title?

I am sure it is similar to a Salvage title. The car has been wrecked and repaired.

Can you get car insurance on a car after the accident?

If the car has not been repaired but the damage is cosmetic they will probably insure it for liability only If the car has been repaired it will be no problem to get insurance. If the car is deemed salvage or rebuilt, you can get full coverage, however keep this in mind. A branded title makes the car worth 35% less than average retail. The coverage AFTER the accident , of course would not caver any claims concerning that accident.

Can you insure a salvage title car?

Some companies will let you buy liability insurance. almost none will offer full coverage. A salvage title means the car has already been totalled before.

How much does a salvage title take off a cars trade in value?

Typically, salvage vehicles' value are 40% less than that of a comparable car with a clean title. This is assuming the car has been repaired/rebuilt properly and is roadworthy.

How much is it worth a 1999 cadillac with salvage title?

Assuming it's been repaired to roadworthiness, roughly 60% of the value of a comparable 99 caddy with a clean title.

What does rebuilt salvage title do to value of car?

A rebuilt salvage title is issued when a vehicle has been declared a total loss. When that happens, the original title is "retired", and the salvage may be sold--often by an insurance company that paid the owner and acquired the salvage. As a way of recovering some of what it paid, the salvage will be sold by the insurer. The buyer of it may then repair the vehicle to make it road-worthy. The repaired vehicle is then issued a rebuilt salvage title in order to be "legalized" and used as a vehicle. The fact that it has a rebuilt salvage title will generally reduce the value of the car, because any buyer will know that the vehicle has at one time been totaled.

Where can I find salvage auto parts?

A great place to find salvaged auto parts is at Malahat Auto Parts they have a wide selection of parts and are at a reasonable price. They have been in business for over 30 years and is the largest auto wrecker in Victoria and Nanaimo.

Is buying a salvaged car a bad idea?

Vehicles with salvage or reconstructed titles tend to be worth about half than those without. Vehicles with salvage or reconstructed titles may or may not have been properly repaired, and may or may not have airbags and other safety devices.

What happens to a lease truck that has been wrecked?

The same as a purchased truck that has been wrecked. You will have been required to insure the vehicle. Contact the insurance company and file a claim. An adjustor will determine if the vehicle should be repaired or totaled.

What is a salvage vehicle worth if it was repaired?

Its my opinion that a salvage vehicle that has been repaired properly and is determined to be safe should sell for about 25% less than its book value. I am a salvage dealer and have found this to be fair to the buyer and seller.Just make sure the vehicle has been repaired properly as there's a lot of shoty people out there trying to make a quick buck off your ignorants. example an $8000 car should sell for $6000 a good deal if fixed properly. If properly restored a repaired salvage vehicle is worth appx 60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car, which is why so many shoddy sellers try and sell a salvage car without revealing it's salvage! An $8000 clean titled car is worth appx $4800 as salvage/reconstructed. Taking 25% off as the above states is highly optimistic. Just ask your insurance company what they would pay out on your reconstructed salvage vehicle to get an idea of its ACV (actual cash value) and you'll see that they'll take more than 25% off! However, if you've done recent repair work and upgrades they will credit you for it in the event of another accident, provided you have receipts.

If you purchase an auto with a salvage title does that mean the vehicle is no longer road worthy?

It does not mean that the auto is not road-worthy. What it does mean is that the auto has previously been in a wreck and considered totalled by the insurance company. Many times, an insurance company determines it is cheaper to "total" the auto than to pay the costs to repair it. Auto body and repair shops will scout around for later model autos that have been "totalled" and buy them to repair and re-sell. The shops will usually check and make sure that the frame is not bent and that most of the damage is just body damage. Because the auto has been previously "totalled", the title is issued as a salvage title.

What companies offer auto insurance to drivers who have gotten a DUI?

Many companies will not offer auto insurance to drivers who have been convicted of a DUI. GMAC and The General are two companies who will insure such drivers.

What does salvaged car mean?

A car that has been brought back from the "graveyard" (or junkyard) is commonly referred to as having a "salvage title". This means that the car was either stolen and un-recovered or (most commonly) that the insurance company deemed it uneconomical to repair and declared the vehicle a "total loss". The vehicle was later repaired. In most cases a vehicle with a "salvage title" cannot receive "full coverage" auto insurance and can never be issued a "clear title".

Can you be reimbursed for damage to a vehicle with a salvage title if the other party is at falt?

Yes; why on earth would you think otherwise? The "salvage" title only means that it is a reconstructed, or rebuilt vehicle which has probably been heavily damaged and repaired. It is STILL your property, and in this respect, a title, is a title, is a title -- "salvage" has nothing to do with whether or not you own the property (vehicle). If some one else damages it, then they have damaged YOUR property.

How do you start a 2000 villager after it has been repaired?

If it's been repaired properly it should simply start.

Can you insure an automobile with a salvage title in the state of Missouri?

you can insure it sure, but i imagine you are wanting to know if you can get collision and comp coverage (covering damage to the salvaged title vehicle)...has it been repaired? some insurance companys (most really) will insured it but beware that those prior claims (and salvage title) will show up if another claim is reported, (to any company that does it's job by running searches on all vehicles in all claims) it is possible you could be paying a premium higher than the vehicle is worth....for instance, your premium is based on the yr/make/model etc (among many other underwriting stipulations of course)...but your's is worth about 60% of that due to prior damage/salvage title...and what you will get in the event of a total loss is the actual cash value of that vehicle......including any applicable deductions in value due to this salvaged title.....

What does secondary brand mean on a Florida car title?

In MAssachusetts, it Indicates that the vehicle has been declared a Total Loss Salvage vehicle, but can be repaired. Source:

How then can you determine salvage value?

When car shopping, it is important to always inspect a car thoroughly regardless of its title, some vehicles could have been in accidents never reported or involved in a buy back program. But keep in mind that if you buy a salvage title car, the chances of selling it to someone else and recouping your money are very slim. You might save $3,000, $4,000, $5,000. But you will lose that right off the top when you go to sell it. If you buy a salvage title car, you might want to count on keeping it until the wheels fall off. You may also want to check with your Auto Insurance Company to see if they will insure a "Salvage Titled" car and if so, at what additional cost.

Is there any reason why it would be difficult to insure a vehicle which has previously been declared a total loss?

Yes, Has the damage been fully repaired and the vehicle inspected and title cleaned up? You shouldn't have trouble getting 'liability' coverage, but collision and comprehensive yes.

How do you buy salvage vehicles?

If you mean totaled cars that have yet to be repaired, go to an auction or tow yard. If you mean a salvage car that has been reconstructed to roadworthiness, try craigslist. There's lotsa salvage vehicles being sold there under the guise of being a clean titled car! But sometimes there's honest seller who are selling totaled/reconstructed cars for what they're worth, which is roughly 60% of the price of a comparable clean titled car.

Can you get car ins and registration on a salvage title in South Carolina?

Yes out can. I've had quite a few. Some insurance companies won't allow you to put full coverage on it even though its been repaired. You can not register a SC title if it is red.

Can you insure a bike that has been loaned to you?

No, you cannot.

Can a vehicle in distruction be salvaged and be able to get a title?

If you are asking if a vehicle that has been totaled and is in a salvage yard can be repaired and put back on the road, the answer is yes. Each state has their own rules on the process. Contact you state Motor Vehicle Dept for details on how to accomplish this.

Save Money with Auto Salvage Parts?

Although some car repairs require brand new parts, most engine work can be done using parts from old cars that are kept on auto salvage lots. Mechanics use salvage parts often to keep costs down, but anyone can buy parts if they know what they need in advance.Recent and Older CarsAuto salvage lots usually stock cars that vary widely in age. Brand new cars that have been cosmetically damaged in wrecks can make excellent salvage vehicles. Older cars are taken to the salvage yard when they are no longer marketable. If your car is at least a year old, there is a good chance that you will be able to find replacement parts from an auto salvage yard. These salvaged parts can be hundreds of dollars less than the new parts you would buy through a dealer, and most of them are in perfectly good condition.Cosmetic Salvage MaterialsEngine parts are not the only things that are good to purchase through an auto salvage lot. Cosmetic materials are also available. If your dashboard is cracked or your seats are in bad shape, you might be able to find a replacement in a salvage yard. Cars are salvaged for many different reasons. If the car was taken to the lot because of engine trouble, the rest of the car should be perfectly fine. Sometimes salvage yards are the only places to find parts like brake light covers, headlights, or other features that are unique to each make and model of a vehicle.Full Service or Do-it-YourselfNot all auto salvage lots expect you to pull the parts yourself. There are plenty of salvages that will take your parts order and pull the part so that it is waiting for you at the counter. You will have to pay a little more to have them do the work for you, but it is worth it if you are not mechanically inclined. Anyone who has any skill with car engines or bodies shouldn't have any trouble picking the parts they need and pulling them on their own. You will need to provide your own tools if you plan to do the salvage recovery yourself.

What is a salvage title in GA?

In most states, a salvage title is issued on a car following extensive damage -- damages that exceed 75% of the pre-damage value. The salvage title is issued when the insurance company applies for it, if they took possession of the car, or possibly when another source (e.g. police/accident report) reports the damages to the Dept Motor Vehicles. Not sure about Georgia, but in Massachusetts, for example, the title can be re-issued following repairs, changing the car's title from a 'salvage' title to a 'rebuilt' title. Never buy a car that has been wrecked/damaged to this extent, and then repaired, without having it checked by a mechanic you have TOTAL confidence in. Airbags might not be repaired. Many other things may be shoddily repaired. Even with decent repairs, car may always have problems. May leak at doors, may have perpetual misalignment (and wear out parts more rapidly), may have electrical problems.