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No. In India, it is not possible to insure someone else's car. The reason being, the Registration Certificate or car documents should match with the name mentioned in the car insurance policy. Thus, both the documents should be in the same person's name. If the mismatch happens, it would be considered a punishable offense.

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One may generally insure the property of another if you have an insurable interest in it. This means that you have a financial interest in the property that may be harmed if the property is damaged or destroyed.


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You absolutely can insure someone elses car. Generally though you dont really have to. Most descent insure companies that insure the owner of the vehicle will cover anyone the owner allows to drive the car as long as that person does not reside in the same household and has a valid drivers license.

Now if you live in the same house with the persons whos car you want to drive, then you will need your own insurance on the car.

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No that is not possible.

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Q: Can you insure someone else's car?
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Can you insure someone elses car in Oklahoma?

Most insurance companies will not, they require you to have an "insurable interest" in the vehicle.

Can you insure someone elses vehicle if they live in the same household?

Yes you can.

In California can you insure a vehicle that is registered in someone elses name?

General principle of insurance is that you can't insure something in which you don't have an interest.

Can get your car out of the pound with your friends traders insurance?

No, the insurance has to be on your car not someone elses.

Can you insure someone else financed car?

No. You can only insure a vehicle which is in YOUR name.

Can I use someone elses address for car insurance?

That is fraud!

Can you register your car in someone elses name if its under a loan?


Who insures car titled in some elses name?

You must have a financial (insurable) interest in a car in order to insure it. It works the same way with home insurance. You must own the home in order to insure it. Thus, whoever owns the car and has the title is the only person who can insure it.

If you do not have car insurance can you drive someone elses car?

yes you can but if you wreck and they have insurance their car will be ok but your screwed

If you are the owner of a car can it be registered to someone else in one state but insured by you in another state or can the registrant insure it in a different state?

The owner of the car has to register the vehicle. The person on the registration must insure the vehicle, or be listed to drive that vehicle on a family policy. That example sounds close to insurance fraud so please correct the situation. Sell the car to the other person and they have to insure it. Actually it is 100% legal for a person to insure a vehicle registered in someone elses name so long as nothing illegal is going can be the parents etc.....

Can you get registration on someone elses car?

Not without some paperwork showing that you are leasing the vehicle or something like that. Also, it will be very hard to get insurance on the vehicle. If it were easy, I would probably want to register, drive and insure Jeff Gordon's car. See what I mean.

Can someone insure your car if the owner doesn't have a license?

Very doubtful.

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