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a trickle charger will not jump start anything,however if it is left connected long enuff, and the battery will take a charge, the mower should start. to jumpstart, a mower, you can use a car the same as you would jump start another car. just make sure battery in mower is 12 volt same as car

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Q: Can you jump start your riding mower using a trickle charger connected to the battery?
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How long do you charge a riding lawn mower battery?

Depends on the output of the charger which you did not list. A dead battery can be recharged with a 10 amp charger in 3 hours.

How can a battery from a riding mower be recharged?

they can be recharged by hooking jumper cables from a car to the mower or if the battery is fried you would have to buy a new battery for it Use a battery charger just like the one you use on an auto battery.

How do you charges a riding lawn mower battery?

Check voltage on battery 12 volt you should uses a 12 volt 2 amp battery charger connect red (positive) to the + side of battery and the black (negative) to the - side of the battery.

How to replace a battery Charger?

Answering this question is very difficult for one simple reason: "what kind of battery charger are you talking about??? Automotive (and if so for what year, make, and model), riding lawn mower, tractor, what????? For all anyone knows you could be talking about a battery charger for a power drill (in which case you would go buy a new one and just plug it in to the outlet....sorry, couldn't resist). Please be more specific.

How do you find solenoid on yard pro riding mower?

I assume you are talking about the starter solenoid: Follow the positive battery cable from the battery - the other end will be connected to the starter solenoid.

Will a lawn mower battery recharge while running?

Yes, but it takes a very, very long time. The charging system on the riding mower is very low amperage. You would do much better charging it with a battery charger.

How do you charge the battery on a Harley?

Remove from the mc, disconnecting the ground cable first. Then hook up to a trickle charger at 10% the amp hour rating of the battery. Probably 2 amp. Charge fully, overnight is a good bet. Then load test the battery with an iron type load tester. Any auto parts store will usually do this for you at no charge. If it passes, reinstall battery in the mc reconnecting the ground cable LAST!! Then have fun riding. If the battery doesn't pass the load test, replace the battery new, and follow the previous charging procedure BEFORE you install into the bike. I dont care if it is "new" the battery had surely been sitting around waiting for you to come buy it. Recharge, install and ride away.

What charges the battery on a riding lawn mower?

the magneto

How long do you charge a riding lawn mower battery at 12volt 2amp charger?

Charging time varies greatly, dependent on the batteries condition at the beginning of the charge cycle. Most modern battery chargers are automatic and will reduce charge amps as the battery becomes fully charged. If your charger is a manual type, there are two ways to know when the battery has reached its storage capacity. If you have a volt meter, the battery is at full capacity when it reaches 12.6 volts with the charger disconnected from the battery. Alternately, you can purchase a battery tester, very similar to an anti-freeze tester, which checks the specific gravity of the acid in the battery. Those can be purchased at any auto parts store for a couple dollars. You must have a battery with removable cell covers to test the fluid, most all lawn tractor batteries have removable covers. As a side note, ensure each cell has enough "water" to cover the lead plates by 1/4 of an inch or so.

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