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Yes, as they are separate issues.

However, a custodial parent can request a child support order at any time. Also, some jurisdictions do not allow parents to decide that the non-custodial parent will not pay child support. The view is that every child is entitled to be supported by both parents. If the custodial parent doesn't need it then the payments should be placed in a savings account to pay for college. Also, if the custodial parent and child are receiving any assistance then the non-custodial parent will be required make payments to the state.

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The mother does not have custody of the child do you have to pay child support?

If there is a court or administrative order in place, you owe child support regardless of who has physical custody of the child, until/unless that order is modified or terminated.

If the child is in temporary custody does the parent have to pay child support?

If the person with the temporary custody petitions the courts for child support you may be obligated to pay. If support orders are already in place, then the order can be modified as to the payee and the obligor must continue to make their regular payments.

If you have joint custody and one parent abandons the child what happens?

I suggest you return to court to get sole custody and an order for support, if there isn't already one in place.

Can the mother of your child deny you from seeing that child?

Not if the person has a court ordered custody agreement. If no visitation/custody order is in place, it is at the discretion of the person who has custody of the child.

Does a father in nc have to give back his child to the mother in sc if no court order custody is in place?

No, both parents have equal rights to the child. If the child is currently living with the father, then he has established temporary custody. A court will need to decide upon a formal custody and child support agreement.

If a child does not live with the mother does the father have to pay child support?

Yes, both parents are obligated to financially suppor their minor child. The court will order the support to be paid to the person who has legally custody of the minor child. If there is no legal custody in place, the court will decide who should retain such and both parents will be ordered to pay accordingly.

Can the father of your child stop you from moving if there is no custody order in place?

No. An unmarried mother has sole custody of her child until the courts become involved.

Can a child support issue be put in place if in jail?

Who is in jail? If the child is in jail, they have custody. If the adult is in jail, they should never get custody. If the spouse is in jail they should not get custody. Jail would have no bearing on the time of custody, just who should be able to even see the child.

How do I stop child support if the child lives with me?

File for a change of custody. File for stopping child support. Contact the local agency to whom you actually pay the child support.**Additional Answer**The way the US child support system works is, in a nutshell...A Court/Judge 'ordered' the support to commence, for a certain amount/time, when things were first established with the support agency. That particular Court/Judge is the proper place/ones to contact to get the court's 'Support Order' changed or to cancel it. A Judge will have to 'order' the support be changed or terminated.

What if child taken out of country and you pay child support?

The obligor continues to owe support regardless of where the child is in this world. But, you should file a motion for interference with custody, as well as a motion to place child support into a trust fund. see link below

Does attending school put a hold on paying child support?

No. Only a court order can place a hold on a child support obligation. You need to take it up with the court.No. Only a court order can place a hold on a child support obligation. You need to take it up with the court.No. Only a court order can place a hold on a child support obligation. You need to take it up with the court.No. Only a court order can place a hold on a child support obligation. You need to take it up with the court.

Is it legal to pay a parent to relinquish custody of a child in Texas?

No, because it is considered bribing, and even if you could, I doubt a parent would give up a child for money if they are suing or have custody in the first place. If you want said child, you can sue for custody of the child. If you cannot gain custody, then the next best thing to do is sue for visitation.It's not legal to pay a parent to relinquish custody of a child in any state! But if the parent in question has a child support award, he or she will be free of paying child support or being in any way responsible for the child from that day forward.

Do you have to go back to court once the child graduates?

If there is a child support order in place, and your child is now an adult and has completed their education, then yes. You can have the order modified to stop child support as the child no longer meets the requirements of child support

How long does temp child custody last?

Temporary child custody lasts for as long as it takes to have a final order put into place by the court. If you have never taken the matter to court, then what you actually have is called defacto custody.

If your child is receiving unemployment do you have to pay child support for her?

Yes, if there is a support order in place. If so, I suggest that you ask that the order be terminated because it appears that this child is emancipated.

What if the mother have custody of your small child and you dont can she take him to another state with out your permisson cause you are in jail and wasnt told?

If there is a custody order in place, this would depend on state law. If you were not married, and there's no order in place, than you have no rights to the child, whether in prison or not.

If a father is paying child support but has not gone through custody court does he have say over the child and mother moving out of state?

Petition the court for an emergency custody hearing before she leaves the state - without the courts custody agreement in place she can move at will.

In the state of Georgia if a mother and father are not married when a child is born what does a father have to prove to get joint custody?

First, he has NO ASSUMED RIGHTS to the child, so the first move needs to establishing a voluntary child support order, but not before a paternity test is done. Once an order is in place, it cannot be easily stopped even if not the father. Next, you prepared as if you were going for full custody. Finally, consider Bird Nest Custody. see links.

If the custodial parent moves out of the US with the child is the non custodial parent liable for paying child support under Texas joint custody law?

And International Law. You can file for custody, but only Cuba actively enforces foreign custody orders for fathers. You can file a motion to place child support on hold, but that means you put it into a trust fund, not spend it.

Who has child custody rights before divorce is final in Maryland?

If no court order is in place stating otherwise, the biological mother has presumptive custody of her children.

Can the single father take away the child from the mother's living place without the court order?

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.

Can a father who is not on child support still see his child?

Yes, but it might take a court order. Single fathers have no rights to see the child without an order, plus if a child support order is not in place, you better get it done. see links

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