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Yes you can, but the support brackets that cradle the fin tube usually are also the point of attachment for the front cover. If the new cover is not compatible with the old bracket, you would have to fabricate a method to reattach the fronts. I think an all new baseboard assembly is the best way to go in most circumstances.

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Q: Can you just replace the housing around a forced hot water baseboard heating unit or do you have to replace the pipe as well?
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Why is antifreeze leaking around the thermostat housing?

The housing gasket may be bad. Replace the gasket.

Where is the thermostat on a Ford Fiesta 06 plate?

Under neath the alternator the are 4 ten or 6 mm in the housing and two pipes coming out of the housing where the thermostat in dont forget to replace the gasket around the housing

How do you replace a brake light on a Ford Festiva?

There should be a few screws around the housing of the brake light/indicator housing then it is as simple as taking the bulb out and replacing it with the appropriate one.

How much baseboard is needed to go around a square room of an area of 144m2?

I think the answer is 360 baseboard is needed because each baseboard is 2.5m long and so I multiplied 2.5 by 144 and I got 360

How do you fix a oil leak on a 1997 kia sportage 4x4 leaking around the oil filter?

replace the housing o ring

How many linear feet of baseboard will you need to put around the 408 sq feet?


What is casing- trim?

The moulding that goes around the doors and windows and the baseboard where the wall meets the floor.

How do you replace the sidelight bulb located on a Buick Skylark?

Just reach in from behind, twist the housing and pull it out. Sometimes it's tough to reach around in there.

What is the difference between a hot-water heating system and a warm-air heating system?

A hot water heating system (hydronic) uses heated water to circulate from a boiler to baseboard radiators or convectors, where the heat is wanted. This is done through a series of piping and pump(s) that move the heated water around. Warm air systems use a furnace to heat air and a fan to move the warm air through ducts to the point of use.

How much approximately does plumbing and heating cost for a 3 bedroom home?

To completely re-plumb and replace heating ducts in a typical 3 bedroom home, you can expect to pay around $10k, usd. Prices will vary by region, however.

Where is the bell housing for a 2000 jeep Cherokee 4.7?

The bell housing is the front part of the trans that goes around the flywheel.The bell housing is the front part of the trans that goes around the flywheel.

How do you change a brake light on a Jeep Cherokee Sport?

OPen the rear hatch. I believe there are 3 maybe 4 bolts that screw in around the light housing. Remove them and pull the housing out. Turn the burnt bulb out and replace everything in reverse order.

How many linear feet of baseboard will you need to put around the 1600 sq feet?

The "linear feet of baseboard" is exactly the "perimeter" of the room,and the area of the room doesn't tell you what that is.IF the room is square, then the perimeter is 160 feet. But if it's not asquare, then it can be any amount more than that, even though thearea is still 1600 square feet.Examples:50' by 32' . . . Area = 1,600 square feet . . . baseboard = 164 feet80' by 20' . . . Area = 1,600 square feet . . . baseboard = 200 feet100' by 16' . . Area = 1,600 square feet . . . baseboard = 232 feet800' by 2' . . . Area = 1,600 square feet . . . baseboard = 1,604 feet0.61mile x 6inches . . Area = 1,600 sq feet . . baseboard = 6,401 ft = 1.21 miles

When a test indicates a leaking thermostat housing gasket and it has to be replaced would you need to drain the cooling system before you can remove the thermostat housing?

No just make sure that the engine is cool. take the radiator cap off MAKE SURE ENGINE IS COOL... then you can take the thermostat housing off and replace the gasket you might have to replace the thermostat as the gasket might be an O ring around the Thermostat and not bought separatly. after your done fill up with water.

Stopping black residue from baseboard heater?

To stop the black residue from a baseboard heater, the wall around and near the heater should be cleaned as there are dust particles attached to the wall. This is called ghosting which fine particles of soot attach to the wall that is cooler than the temperature.

How do you replace ignition switch 1999 Plymouth breeze?

Take the housing off around the steering wheel, get the Allen key that fits the lock and follow the new instructions on the new lock

Gearbox housing is cracked?

Your only option is to replace it. Look in your local phone book or ask around amongst friends and family members for a reliable repair shop. When you play you pay.

How do you replace the front right blinker on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Pull the screws from around the head light housing. pull the plastic housing out there will be a couple more screws under the headlight housing on the hosing for the turn signal. take them out then the whole assembly will come out. simply twist out the old light and put in the new. Then put every thing back.

How hot does a heating pad get?

Temperature can vary from heating pad to heating pad. The maximum that any will probably reach is somewhere around 180 degrees F.

How much will my heating bill improve by istalling central heating?

It depends on what you're coming from. If you have an old electric baseboard system and old wall unit ACs, you could save 50% or more if you install a new high efficiency gas system. That being said, realize that you're going to go from heating just the area where you are to the entire house--that could actually increase costs. Whatever you do, invest a little money in sealing up leaks around the house, too. You'd be surprised how much a difference a little weatherstripping can make.

How do you change the oil filter on a 2006 vw beetle?

You need to remove the lower sound deadening/aero pieces with a T27 Torx driver. Locate the filter housing. Remove the drain cap (small end piece) from the filter housing, and use a small screwdiver to gently push the orange rubber stopper up and to the side to drain the filter. You need a 36mm socket to remove the filter housing. Once the housing is removed, simply pull the old filter element out of the housing and replace it with the new one. Also, replace the gasket around the rim of the housing and re-install. Make sure to move the orange rubber stopper back into position before filling the car with oil.

How much to charge to replace a oil filter gasket housing in a 2005 Malibu?

The gasket is very inexpensive at around 2 dollars. I believe it is about a one hour job by book hours. The price should be around 75-100 dollars.

How do you replace a front fog lamp bulb in a 2005 vauxhall Corsa?

You need to go underneath to access a round hatch that twists off. You can see the fixing springs. However, DO NOT let the bulb housing/lamp come away as it is impossible to get back in as access is less that helpful. I am now running around with the lamp rattling around in the housing. In short, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT!

How do you replace a heater core on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4-cylinder without AC?

you have to remove the heating unit and fan from under the dash. this is done by unbolting it from the fire wall. Be sure to bypass the heating core if you need to drive your jeep around. Then open it up a nd pop out the core. once you replace the heating core seal up the heating unit with silcon sealant. then be sure to make it fit well when you put it back in or water can come down into the the unit from the intake. also if it isn't in tight air will blow through the cracke from the engine compartment

How do you replace a heater core in a 1998 ford F800?

Really long bolts go through the heater core/blower motor housing into the cab. You have to go through the dash and undo the nuts and the housing will come off the front of the firewall in the engine bay. Once the housing's removed, it has a cover/bracket that has to be unscrewed around the perimeter of the housing to release the heater core.