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Can you keep different kinds of goldfish in one tank?


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Aslong as it has enough room and filtration many types of goldfish can be kept together. There are some cases where problems occur as such as the case with Sarassas and Orandas. Sarassas will tend to nibble at the cap of the Oranda causing damage.

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No they cannot be in the same tank. Both fish have different needs and are not compatible; goldfish belong with goldfish.

No!!! You can keep a maximum of 2 goldfish in that tank. I know they seem small now, but they grow up to be 6 inches long!

A goldfish can live in an opaque glass tank as long as you keep up with necessary water changes. Like a small outside garden pond goldfish are only viewed from the top.

an aquarium or a fish tank

Goldfish are best with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or apple/mystery snails

Goldfish should not be in a tank any smaller than a 20 gallon PER goldfish.

Rule of thumb is to not mix tropical fish and goldfish.

Absolutely not! Goldfish need a tank all to themselves, because they eat different foods and need different conditions.

Weather Loach can go in the same tank as goldfish, they are about the only ones that can put up with all the waste that goldfish produce. The bonus with loach are, they help keep your tank clean too.

Besides other goldfish (if you have a big enough tank), you can consider a weather (dojo) loach, a bristlenose pleco, or even an apple or mystery snail

Yes. I have a five gallon tank with two goldfish and a blue crayfish and they have lived happily for several months. Granted, the crayfish may snap at the goldfish, but if you choose fast goldfish they should be fine.

You should keep them in there because if you have a male with the eggs, he will ferterlize them and sonn you will have baby goldfish.

No. A 10 gallon tank is barely big enough to keep a single goldfish in.

no they need at least five gallons each. a thirty gallon tank is a good size tank to keep goldfish in.

Most people would keep goldfish in a bowl or tank, filled with water. You can always add scenery such as pebbles plants and castles :D

As long as they are not tropical. They like to eat algae and it is good if you have a lot of algae in your tank.

No the male will eat them keep them separate them until they can't fit in the mouth of the goldfish.

It's a possibility, but a goldfish and a platy should never be in the same tank as they are not compatible, and their needs are different

you would have to get a 10 gallon tank for 1 goldfish! you would need a 20 gallon tank for 2 goldfish. Also goldfish don't go well together there just being stored at the store they take the fish out right when they start to be aggressive. sorry bout your 2 gallon tank!!

Well ma-bey because if you do the dad goldfish or the other goldfish may eat the baby's. And if you don't you may want to separate the baby's and the mom goldfish in another tank until the baby's are old enough to go on there own..

It is important to remember to put things in a goldfish tank, even goldfish get bored. Some of my suggestions for tank decor are artificial plants and a "hidey hole" for your goldfish.

no goldfish can't shrink, but they do grow with their tank, and if you move a goldfish to a smaller tank, it might suffocate or even jump out of the tank if there isn't a lid

Goldfish need a 20 gallon/80 litre tank. Add 10 gallons/40 litres for each additional goldfish. However it is best to keep them in ponds.

Does your snail have algae on it? Goldfish will eat anything that "grows" in the tank. They will eat turtle droppings, water scumm, algae, anything! That is why they are called bottom feeders.

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