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Can you keep your house when filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

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cant you sign it over to someone you trust like a wife , husband etc.... so it cant be taken

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How do you keep your house when you file bankruptcy?

By filing a chapter 13 BK, although its possible to go through a chapter 7 while keeping the mortgage current.

Can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and still keep your house?

yes, just keep your house exempt from the bankruptcy

Can you keep your checking account when you file for bankruptcy?

Can u keep your checking account after filing chapter 13?

Can you buy a new car before filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you buy a used car with cash before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, How long do you need in between purchase and filing to keep the vehicle if the vehicle meets exemption in a state?

Will you get your tax refund if you file for bankruptcy?

Whether you are entitled to your tax refund will depend on what type of Chapter of bankruptcy you are filing and whether the bankruptcy exemptions can be used to protect the tax refund. If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy then you can generally keep the refund if the available state bankruptcy exemptions provide protection for it. If you are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you are typically required to turn over the tax refunds during the life of the Chapter 13 case.

Can you keep your house after bankruptcy?

Many debtors have this common doubt can I keep my home after filing bankruptcy. The question for this answer is based on the factor determined by the current situation. There are two Chapters in bankruptcy legal process decides whether debtor can enjoy the full rights of having their private property. They are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcies rights are crafted in a form of legal structure that you need to walk away from home till you settle your debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy illustrates individual can stay in their property but need to pay a small amount of mortgage on monthly basis to money lenders. If you have any queries regarding after filing for Bankruptcy process can you keep your house in safe manner or not visit websites like, , to get a clear conclusion.

Can you keep your house if declairing bankruptcy?

It depends on what type of bankruptcy your are filing, if the home is your primary residence and not an investment property, how much you owe, and if you are behind on your payments. It also depends on the state you are filing in.Usually, your house, if it is a primary residence, many states will allow you to keep your house as an exemption.

In chapter 7 can you keep the house?

Yes. you can keep the home. Make sure to consult a bankruptcy attorney

Can you file Chapter 7 and keep your house and car?

Whether you can keep your house and car depend on how much equity is in your house and car and the available bankruptcy exemptions within your state. If the bankruptcy exemptions allow you to protect the equity in these assets then you should be able to keep them in bankruptcy.

Do you need to state life insurance money previously received when filing a Chapter 7?

Here's a link to a great site that will tell you what you can keep in a Chapter 7 filing:

Do you get to keep your house if you file bankruptcy?

You may, provided you do not list it in the bankruptcy, you file chapter 13 reorginization, or if you reaffirm with the mortgage holder. That is a dangerous answer. You must list all assets, including your house, in a bankruptcy. You can keep the house if you reaffirm the mortgages and other debts secured by the house in a Chapter 7 and you are not in arrears on the mortgages, or you file a Chapter 13 to get caught up on the secured debt arrears.

Filing a Chapter 7 with 2 payments owing on your car how long do you have in getting it current before the creditor can take it if you plan on curing the default 30 days after filing?

When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have the option to keep your home and 1 vehicle. If you are able to make the last 2 payments on the car, you can keep it and not include it in the bankruptcy.

What is chapter 13?

It's a chapter of bankruptcy. It allows the person that is filing to keep their property. The person that has filed will pay back their debts over a three to five year period.

Can you file chapter 13 but not want to keep home? can not want to keep the house without filing BK too

Can I keep an inheritance property if I declare bankruptcy?

When filing chapter 7 bankruptcy there are statutory limits on inherited property. If the value of your property falls below those limits you may keep it. If it is over the limit you will likely lose the property to the trustees. Another option is to file Chapter 13 and you will be able to keep the property.

You did not reafirm your mortgage after filing chapter 7 how do you keep your house?

You had to sign and file a "statement of Intention" indicating if you were surrendering the house or reaffirming the debt. If the mortgage company did not send you a reaffirmation agreement, or your lawyer did not prepare one, you should still be able to keep the house, assuming you have continued to make the mortgage payments. If you did not, and are seriously in arrears, you will have to see if a chapter 13 is possible. See a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

Can you keep your cars in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, you can keep you car in chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy there are some rules. You can only file Chapter 7 if your income is below your state's median or is not enough to pay off your current debt.

Does bankruptcy attorney keep rental property income?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if the rental property has equity, meaning that the value of the property exceeds what is owed on the property, the trustee would almost definitely seize property and sell it to satisfy some or all of your unsecured debts.

CAN you keep casino winnings if you have already filed chap 7 but not yet discharged?

Yes.The success of completing a chapter 7 bankruptcy only depends on your financial situation at the time of filing. Any unforeseen money gained after filing is yours to keep.

Can you keep your RV in bankruptcy?

You have not provided enough information to answer that question. Such as, are you living in it now? It is there a loan on the RV. What is the RV worth? Are you filing a Chapter 7 or 13? There are lots of questions to answer regarding your concern. I would advise that you contact an bankruptcy attorney and NOT try to file a bankruptcy yourself, if you are trying to keep an asset.

Can I keep my house and car out of a bankruptcy?

You are normally allowed to keep the house you are living in and one car in a bankruptcy.

Can you file bankruptcy on a rental house and keep your home?

You don't file bankruptcy "on" anything. You file bankruptcy to get the protections bankruptcy offers. If there is no equity in the rental house and you surrender it to the creditor, you will be able to keep your (presumably different) home if it is up to date on mortgage payments, or if you file a Chapter 13 with a Plan that includes becoming current.

Can you keep a car if you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida?

Can I keep my paid off autos if I fie bankruptcy?

Can you keep your house after a bankruptcy?

Not unless your bankruptcy did the right things to allow you to keep it. If you are not in arrears in your mortgage payments before filing, you have to continue making the payments - preferably before the due date. If you are in arrears, you must file a chapter 13, with a plan to pay the arrears and whatever part of the unsecured debt you have to pay. Once the plan is completed, you can keep your house. If you get behind in your post-petition payments due, the bank will apply for relief from the automatic stay and you will lose your house.

Options when payor cannot afford chapter 13 and too soon for chapter 7?

Good question. It is always a good idea to be fully aware of the bankruptcy system and the effect it will have on your life before filing. Filing for bankruptcy is the best remedy for many debt problems. However, there are other courses of action that may be better in certain situations, allowing you to avoid bankruptcy completely. One benefit of hiring a bankruptcy attorney is that doing so might actually help keep you out of bankruptcy court.

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