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Can you know more about pollution?

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yes as polution is dangerous and we should know more

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What causes more pollution cars or meat?

i don't know but i think cars cause more pollution

Is there more than one type of pollution?

Yes, there is. There is water pollution, air pollution, and much more.

Why is there water pollution in heavily populated areas?

There is more water pollution in heavily populated areas because there is more litter and resources being used. These resources cause more pollution is the air which creates more pollution in the water.

Is population a pollution?

Population could be considered a cause of pollution because the more people there are, the more waste produced and resources used, causing pollution. But no, it is not a type of pollution.

How does pollution reduce the availability of resources?

The more pollution that is put into the world, the more resources have to be used to reduce the problems created by pollution.

What role does population growth play in groundwater pollution?

more people, more pollution

Does pollution is caused by over - population?

Yes it is. More the population, more is the pollution.

How many pollution are there?

There are an unlimited number of different kinds of pollution. There is air pollution, garbage pollution, water pollution and so much more.

How population increase pollution?

Pollution increases because more people use more resources like car fuel which increase pollution.

What type of pollution is more harmful?

air, water pollution

When will pollution end?

we will never know

What does land pollution cause?

land pollution can cause death that is all i know lol

How are snails habitats damaged by pollution?

As far as I know almost everything is effected by pollution

How does population causes pollution?

I think population is directly linked with the envirnoment,with the increase in population there will be more and more use of the gagets which are causing the pollution. The more the population the more will be the use of vehicles and more smoke will be released.And there will be increase in air pollution

What are the problems and solutions to your environment and to your natural resources?

These environmental problems are such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and many more kinds of pollution.

What kind of pollution does New York have?

Well, I kinda don't know what you mean but I will try my best. In New york there is: *vehicle pollution * factory pollution * Cigarette and cigar pollution *Boat pollution * Litter * Sewer pollution (pollutes our Oceans)

What is the remedy for pollution?

We can stop the pollution by growing more trees and stoping deforestation

What is metallic pollution?

pollution caused by metal. like i don't know, maybe rust is the ocean?

Conclusion for pollution?

The conclusion for pollution is that is does more harm than good to the environment. However, pollution can also be controlled and avoided.

Which causes more pollution buses or trucks?

Trucks produce more pollution since have more mass, weight, and larger engines than buses.

What types are pollution are there?

There are various Types of Pollution like Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution etc..In this section we discuss more articles about covering different types of air, land, noise, water and ocean pollution.

What are the causes of water pollution in china?

Pollution in China has been on the rise since it has become more and more industrialized. One of the main causes of water pollution is from garbage and plastic bags.

How much water pollution is there?

Not sure but I DO know that more than 4,500 people die every day from lack of clean water.

Why is a fish a good indicator of pollution?

The more fish there are in an area, the less pollution there is likely to be

Pollution in Haiti?

Please write your question in a complete sentence, telling what you want to know ABOUT pollution in Haiti.