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Yes! You don't need a kosher cookbook. Just remove the non-kosher ingredients.

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Q: Can you kosher a non-kosher recipe?
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What meals would you have in a kosher restaurant?

The same meals as nonkosher restaurants, except that kosher restaurants follow the kosher dietary laws.

Can you use table salt for kosher salt in a recipe?


If the recipe calls for sea salt can kosher salt be used?


Can you use Kosher salt instead of sea salt in a recipe?


Can you use sea salt for kosher salt in a recipe?

Yes, but you would use less than the recipe says. Kosher salt has much larger grains than sea salt and it takes more Kosher salt to get the same results as other salts.

Is the diet cabbage soup recipe kosher?

The general meaning for kosher is "clean/fit or proper" and if you relate this to the cabbage soup diet, yes it is kosher and can help you stay healthy.

How is chocolate applesauce cake a Jewish recipe?

If it's made from kosher products.

What salt is best to cook with - kosher or sea salt?

That depends on the recipe and how religious you are.

Is candy corn considered kosher?

In general chewy or gummy candy may have gelatin, which (unless specified as kosher) is made from ground up pig bone, sometimes cow, making it nonkosher. Many brands of candy corn contain gelatin. I would say more than half of them do so you should definitely look for a brand that has kosher certification. There are kosher brands of candy corn on the market. f

Can canning salt be substituted for kosher salt?

Any salt can be used for canning. Kosher was the recipe authors favorite probably for religious reasons.

Can you use iodized salt if the recipe says kosher salt?

Yes, you can. Kosher salt is the same as table salt, only a larger granule.

Can you use extra coarse sea salt in replace of kosher salt in a recipe?


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