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Yes you can leave your laptop charger on once the battery is fully charged.

however, modern Li-Ion batteries should never be run ar full capacity continuously.

We recommend either removing the battery if you plan on using your laptop for a long period of time on the mains, or let the battery run down once a week and then recharge it again to keep the molecules moving within the battery.

See our simple guide here on how to care for your laptop battery

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Leaving a battery to charge when it's not necessary wastes your charge cycles. Every battery has a certain amount of times it can be charged, the more charge cycles are used the life starts to slowly decrease on the battery. So overtime you will notice your batttery's life will become shorter and shorter. If you do this often enough, you can go from a 3 hour batter to a 30 second battery, and at that point you will always have to leave it plugged inl.

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Q: Can you leave your laptop charger on when fully charged?
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