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Can you leave your parents home in Wisconsin at 17 if you are educationally neglected in homeschooling and they refuse to put you in public school?


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That sounds like a question for HSLDA. Since you're a teen, why don't you take the bull by the horns and homeschool yourself? We found this book very helpful: "The Teenage Liberation Handbook". Get it from your local library and read it. Stay at home where you belong unless you're being abused. Good for them that they refuse to put you in the public school. For more encouragement see:


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My parents started homeschooling me when I was in third grade. I loved it!

parents that teach their own kids at home

The little girl was neglected by her cruel parents.

Because homeschooling is between the parents and the children, discipline is enforced by the parents. It is wrong to ask whether homeschooling teaches discipline, because that depends on the parents. Some parents prefer to have regimented school days, others prefer a more relaxed style of teaching and learning.

The child support laws are the same for parents who are homeschooling.

You would have to check your individual state's requirements. Google your state and homeschooling laws.

Most states in America don't require parents of homeschoolers to be college educated. The vast majority of homeschooling parents, whether they are college educated or not, give their children a sound education. But there are some parents who neglect their children. To ensure that homeschoolers get a proper education, some states require them to be evaluated annually. Even in states such as Alabama where homeschooling is illegal, many parents are homeschooling their kids through a loophole called the church school option. And some of the parents there are not college educated. Homeschooling laws vary from country to country. Homeschooling is illegal in some countries, such as Germany. In other countries like Malaysia, there are no homeschooling laws at all and homeschooling parents are educating their children in total freedom. So it all depends on the country and state you come from. Here.

Homeschooling is becoming a more popular choice for parents as concerns about negative influences in a school environment, such as peer pressure, drugs and violence, escalate. Another reason homeschooling in popular is the parents wish to include religious content into the curriculum.

Ed Head Is A Good Website For Educationally Students/Parents

Homeschooling is not a paying job. Parents who don't like public education and aren't satisfied with the local private schools have the option of homeschooling their kids in some states. If you're talking about teaching other people's kids in their homes, then you are talking about tutoring, not homeschooling.

Why in the world do you think it's NOT needed? Are you trying to cover the other side of an argument or what? Homeschooling is only NOT needed if you have uncommitted parents or parents who ABSOLUTELY need earn money for your family and can't be committed.

Illinois has given rights to parents who want to teach their children at home and homeschooling is legal in the state. Chicago has many children who do not go to school.

Try the and HSDLR website. Both were very helpful to me. is a website that promotes connections between homeschooling parents, with a focus that is activity-oriented to encourage social networks for homeschool parents and kids who are homeschooled.

There are many homeschooling programs available to parents today. Learning Odyssey and Compass are two popular choices but not the only ones used.

Yes. It depends what kind of homeschooling you are doing and your age. If you are doing the book homeschooling, then it is more helpful to have a parent around to help you, but if you are 15 or older, it is not necessary, it is up to your parents. Online homeschooling is completely different, you can do it on your own because you can listen to the lessons.

Homeschooling is regulated by the individual states. Google your state and "homeschool laws."

Homeschooling has become popular over the years; because many parents do not trust public schools and believe that it would be easier for their children to study at home. Sometimes homeschooling is the best option for children who have problems communicating with others around them, or they have a learning disorder. Online homeschooling developed in order to help parents that are not able to home school a child themselves, but would still like for them to study from home. Many parents do not have time to teach their children school work when they work from home themselves. Parents do not understand how time consuming, costly, and confusing homeschooling is.There are many things that need to happen when trying to home school a child. A parent will not only have to register their child with the state, but they also must purchase tools and materials that are required for the grade level curriculum that the child is. Those are just two of the things that a parent must do in order to home school a child. This is why they turn to the easier form which is online homeschooling.The Perks of Online HomeschoolingUsually a parent will be able to receive online homeschooling books and materials for free. Parents have the option to register their child in any school of their choosing. Instead of having to go through the paperwork process of registering a child with the state, there are programs that will do this for parents and even update the state for each child’s progress. Updating the state is a mandatory part of homeschooling.Online homeschooling requires that each child take efficiency exams in every state. Most of the people involved dread this, especially if they do not have the resources to prepare for the exams. The government loans computers to those who are in online homeschooling and do not have the proper funds. Children and parents also have the option to meet up together offline if they are a part of an area that is all homeschooling online together.

You have to be 18 or older to get married in Wisconsin unless your parents sign all the forms when you are 16 or 17. You cannot be under 16 to get married in Wisconsin without your parents forms!!!

Your parents have to give up their parental rights or die before you can be adopted.

Yes i am homeschooled and my parents work! the school if you are thinking about homeschooling and work is

Homeschooling is a simple idea that has long been misunderstood. Parents choose to home school for a variety of reasons including sub-par local schools, personal or religious beliefs, and some parents choose homeschooling to fit their non-traditional lifestyle. As time moves forward however, homeschooling is becoming more of a mainstream idea. Parents from all backgrounds, training, and occupations are choosing home school for their children’s education. The ideology that seems to unite this diverse group of homeschooling parents is the idea that their children’s education is their responsibility and duty as parents. Homeschooling, for parents, is an act of selfless love, devotion, and sacrifice for their children. It also serves as an opportunity for building a healthy parent child relationship, and creates a lifelong bond between parent and child. Children who are homeschooled are privy to many learning opportunities and options unavailable in traditional education. Parents can easily tailor their child’s education to the child’s specific needs, interests, and learning abilities. The classroom can be expanded indefinitely, and learning can occur at every opportunity. Homeschooling is allowed in all fifty states, but states differ in the amount of information they require from parents. The first step for parents interested in homeschooling is to check and comply with the laws of their state. Secondly parents should choose a curriculum or compile their own. There are many homeschooling websites that include curriculum overviews and parent testimonials so that parents can make more informed decisions before committing to any one curriculum. Websites such as this also are a great way for homeschooling families to connect, share interests and ideas and even schedule combined educational events. As with any endeavor, homeschooling will be a more successful enterprise if a positive and encouraging support system is in place. Homeschoolers can be easily found through internet groups. Groups are usually organized by state, region and finally, by specific ideas that make that group unique. In modern society, homeschooling is losing its negative reputation, and is becoming increasingly embraced by parents and educators alike. Homeschooling can be accomplished by any parent who is willing to invest the time and effort necessary to effectively educate their own children.

There are many resources for homeschooling parents. This includes but is not limited to: -Home School Buyers Co-op who have free curriculum and educational resources. -Curriculum Share who also have free resources. -Parents In Touch who provide worksheets and curriculum guidance. -And Core Knowledge who promote the home schooling environment.

There are lots of reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. A lot of places offer homeschool support group meetings for parents and their children where they can meet once a week or whenever the group decides to have meetings. Here the children can socialize with other homeschooled children, go on field trips. And the parents can get tips and ideas and support to help them in their homeschooling.

There are not many people available that will provide homeschooling for no cost at all, as an alternative parents can homeschool their children using resources such as a local library, and contacting nearby schools for homeschool curriculum material.

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