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College students might drop their classes because:

  • the subject seems too hard
  • the student has no interest
  • the student signed up for the wrong class
  • the student was wrongly advised to take the class
  • the student doesn't get along with the professor
  • the student fears another student in the class (ex. an ex-boyfriend)
  • the student has gone to classes all along but after two weeks of being ill, has fallen behind and can't catch up
  • the student lost her child's babysitter
  • the student got pregnant and can't continue schooling right now
  • the student's job hours changed and conflicts with the class time
  • the student has other conflicts
  • the student is "stressed out"
  • the student has lost his / her self-confidence
  • the student is withdrawing from all classes; dropping out
  • there's been a crisis, such as a death in the family
  • there's been an unexpected opportunity, such as the opportunity to go overseas
  • a job offer comes but it requires the student to move
  • the student is moving away or out of State
  • the military has called the enlisted student to deploy to war
  • the student decides to enter the military
  • the student is put on probation for some infraction
  • the student has been expelled
  • the student is now in jail
  • the student has been injured or... died.
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Typically, college students do not choose to fail their classes. Read the below as to why some students fail.

Some reasons for college student failure may include:

  • No vision. Some students do not have a clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to create for themselves. Thus, they may take programs of study without a clear career goal or objective. In essence, they choose the wrong major.
  • Lack of passion. Successful students work out of passion, a love for what they want to do, and recognize the importance of the benefit it will bring others as well as themselves. Without passion, study becomes a chore and not a method for achieving clearly defined goals.
  • Lack of personal/work/school/family balance. What ever is going on in a student's personal life, will inevitably affect what's going on in school. Whatever is happening in school will affect what's going on in their personal life. A student needs time to be in class, and appropriate time for study. However, there must be time for family, friends, social activities, and time to just be alone. The key is keeping proper balance.
  • Lack of taking advantage of student resources. There is really no reason for academic failure. Every college and university has an academic learning center where students can receive peer and faculty tutoring, without charge. Many students fail to seek help.
  • Attending the wrong college or university. Some students accept admission into schools they are not familiar with. Thus, they become depressed with their surroundings. Student must be content with their school, its environment, and resources. This, in turn has a negative affect on their studies.
  • Lack of maturity and discipline. Some students are just not disciplined and lack good organizational skills. They often fall under the pressure of their peers. Rather than using good discretion, they feel compelled to follow others (socially), when they really should be attending to their studies. Again, lack of appropriate balance.
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Either they're lazy and careless about their future, or it's an emergency, either or is bad though

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So they have more time to do more important things like breathe and sleep

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because they are hard

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Q: Can you list the reasons why college students drop their courses?
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Why do college students choose to drop their courses?

They are lazy

Why do Chinese students drop out of school?

I am not sure, I suppose for some of the same reasons other countries students drop out of school. Pressure, overload, etc.

If you take college courses in high school will that drop the number of years you have to go to college?

No, but will reduce the course credits that are necessary to graduate.

What percentage of college students drop out after the first year because of alcohol?

Thirty percent of college and university students drop out after their first year. Half never graduate, and college completion rates in the United States have been stalled for more than three decades.

What percentage of college dropouts return?

Most students begin college with every intention of graduating, but the percent of first year college dropouts is alarmingly high. In fact, approximately 75 percent of students who enter college will drop out during the first year. Few students who drop out eventually finish their education. Those that do return to college usually don't do it immediately. About 12% of the undergraduate population consists of re-entry students. These students are defined as those over the age of 25.

What courses the high drop rate and failure rate in the first year at colleges and universities?

It depends because students fail not that courses are hard but because they dont concentrate to what they are doing,this is in the sense that college or university starndard requires people who can control them selves(good morals) who can not be carried away by wind(pressure)

Do students drop out of private schools?

Yes. Just like other people who drop out of public schools. There are just to many reasons to list here.

High school drop outs?

Being a high school drop out isn't always bad. You can drop out and go to community college at 16, (some areas you have to be 18), and get your adult high school diploma which is the same thing your friends will get when graduating. You will save two years and be able to work full time until you go to college. It's a great loophole.

A topic sentence on why students drop out of school?

Your 'question' is not interrogative and therefore not a question. Of course, it cannot be answered as such. It also contains grammatical mistakes.

How many courses can you take in college?

in AS level you are required to choose at least 4 subjects. The year after you drop one subject and carry on with the three.

What is the percent of high school drop outs in America?

30% of students drop out. 30% of students drop out.

What are 30 reasons why high school students drop out of high school?

because hey want to DA you people need to get out more