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If a stepparent has not legally adopted a non biological child, then he or she has no legal right to make any decision concerning the child. If the mother retains full custody of the minor the decision can be made solely by her as long as such a decision is not contrary to existing laws of the resident state. If there is joint custody between the two biological parents, the parent with whom the child does not reside would have to file suit to prevent the minor from moving in with a significant other.

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If you are 16 but your boyfriend is 20 can you get married if your mother gives you permission?

Depends on what state you're in.

How do you get rid of a stepdad?

Slyly hint to him that your mother still has feelings for your father.

Can a father take his son out of California with out permission of mother when having joint custody?

No, he can't. It can, and if mother objects strongly enough, it probably will be considered kidnapping.

How many people are in selena gomez family?

her stepdad, brian, and her mother Mandy

Who is Selena Gomez parents?

Her mother Mandy Gomez and stepdad Brian Gomez.

You are 16 and you have lived with your boyfriend for over 6 months with permission for your mother can she make you move back with her?

Yes, you are still a minor and not an adult.

Can a 17 year old mother cross SC state lines with her boyfriend?

Not without parental permission (the fact that she's a mother means nothing--she's still a minor, and becoming a mother did not 'gain' her any adult rights)

Is it ok for my kids to call my boyfriend dad?

it just depends on how commited you think the relationship is. I know i started calling my stepdad "dad" withen a couple of months of him dating my mother, because i never had a true father figure in my life at the time

Is it wrong for a 16 year old to have an 18 year old boyfriend with permission from her mother?

Wrong, as in illegal, would depend on what state you are in and what activities you in engage in together.

Who are in Harry Styles family 2012?

Anne Cox-Mother Robin Twist- Stepdad Gemma Styles- Sister

Whats the plot of forged by fire?

The story is about a boy named Gerald who has to move in with his mother and new stepdad who is abusive and an alcoholic.

Can mother get a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend if both the daughter and the boyfriend are eighteen?

Only if the boyfriend is a disturbance to the mother because the daughter and boyfriend are both adults.

If my girlfriends mom kicks her out at 17 is that permission for her to come live with me?

No, permission to live with you is permission to live with you. Kicking her out is the cancellation of permission to live with her mother.

If my mom is mean can I run and live with my dad not my stepdad but my real dad if Iโ€™m only 11?

Yes, you could , only if your mother and dad have talked about it and it is also your will.

Is the father responsible for child support if the mother allows the minor to move in with boyfriend in the state of Florida?

Yes. A minor moving out with parental permission before she is 18 is not emancipated. You have to pay until she is.

Make sentence of seeking permission?

You may stay to have dinner with Wally if you call and get permission from you mother.

Can a mother take a child abroad without the fathers permission?

No. Both parents permission is necessary.

Can the mother of your son change his last name to her new husbands with out your permission?

No she will have to take your permission first.

What is vin diesel's biological parents ethnicity?

well his biological father is dominican and his biological mother is Italian but his stepdad was black... he said it in a interview

Who is the closest mother or boyfriend?

No one can be closer to you then your mother can so don't even think about picking your boyfriend over her unless your mom isn't really that great of a mother.

How do you get your mom to like your 17 year old boyfriend?

Whether or not your mother likes your boyfriend is up to your mother and your boyfriend. Talk to your boyfriend, let him know that it's important to you and help him give a good impression. Also, talk to your mother and tell her what you like about your boyfriend, she's probably going to be most interested in how well he treats you.

What can a father do if the mother of his children took the kids and moved to another state without his permission?

What can a father do if the mother of. His children took the kids and moved to another state without permission.

Could your boyfriend get welfare for his baby?

No. The mother gets the support for the baby not the boyfriend.

Can a father have a say in who the mother has as a boyfriend if that boyfriend has beat his x wife?

No, he cannot.

Can a US citizen child bring her Filipino mother to US if the parents are not married?

She can petition her mother, but the mother cant include her boyfriend on the petition, even if that boyfriend is the citizen's father,