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The channels to find are located behind the inside (boot)trunk left and right plastic covers. You have to remove these to get to them. You may have to take the lhs and rhs seat backs of them and you can work easier if you lower the partition part of the seats. I was sick of having two showers in the morning, so I made it a job of finding them myself. There are some rubber restriction hoses behind there, that for some reason are not open to dirt, but allow water to run through if they are not blocked. Dirt will fill them up and stop water flowing from top of sun roof. The front ones are located inside the front wheel wells facing back They will be filled with mud and stuff. Screws will have to be removed to get them of. Heavy use of water pressure will blast most of it away. Youll see the hoses easy if you have a good torch handy.Dont even try a wire from the top of roof. it does not work...

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Q: Can you locate the water drainage channels for the sunroof of a 1988 Honda Accord LXI 4dr?
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How do you locate source of water on foor board on a 2001 mitshibishi eclipse?

If it has a sunroof, check the drain tubes for the sunroof. They plug up and the water gets in the car.

Where is the map sensor locate on a 93 Honda accord?

dash board

Were is locate the cylinder position sensor in 96 Honda accord?

In the distributor

What fuel injected engine can you swap into a 1986 Honda Accord?

locate a LX-i engine for it

How do you fix the sunroof on a 1999 mercury cougar it won't open or close using the switch?

The most common problem with the 1999 to 2003 Mercury Cougar sunroof is the motion mechanism breaks away from the cable that pushes and pulls the sunroof open and closed. You can tell if this is the problem with your sunroof because the sunroof motor will whir, but the sunroof stays put, or moves a fraction. This is due to a design flaw, and cannot be fixed. The parts of the sunroof are either welded or riveted together, and do not come apart for service. In short, you have to buy a whole new sunroof. The part # is F8RZ63518A30AB for the sunroof. Google it to your own dismay. Did you check to see if there is a fuse for it? Try to locate an owners manual, they are usually marked what fuses are what or pull the cover off the fuse box(es) and sometimes they are written on the back of the cover what fuse is what. There may be several fuse boxes to locate, like under the dash by where you feet are, or out in the engine compartment.

I need a fuse box diagram for a 1998 Honda Accord?

Im trying to locate a taillight fuse for a 1998 honda accord lx. do you know where i can find a layout.

1995 Honda Accord radio fuse?

To find the radio fuse in a Honda Accord, first locate the fuse box. Once you find the fuse box, there will be a diagram showing what each fuse is for.

Where do you find the sunroof drain tubes on a 1990 prelude for cleaning?

I am not sure about a 1990 model, but on my 1988si (with a sunroof), the exit points of these tubes are located below the rear window pillars, accessible through the trunk (? - can't recall for sure), OR the rear wheel wells. I had a major problem with water building up in the space between the headliner and the roof, causing water to cascade into the interior after it rained. For months I used a car cover whenever it rained, then found out from another Honda owner that the tubes just needed to be cleaned. Once you locate these tubes, remove the small plugs (each with "X" shaped slits to allow drainage), and run a wire (coathanger) up through them to remove dirt. I left the plugs off for better drainage. After that, I have never again had any roof drainage problems.

What would cause the sunroof to stop working on a Chrysler pacifica?

Their are a number of reasons a sunroof could suddenly stop working on any vehicle. Some of the most common problems include: blown fuses, wire disconnects, sunroof motor malfunction, the sunroof coming off track, etc. It's hard to narrow the problem(s) down without being there. Most problems are easily solved by a mechanic, and it shouldn't cost too much to repair a malfunctioning sunroof. Use the following link to locate a Dealer near you for troubleshooting and repair estimates.

Locate Honda Odyssey cargo leak?

I had a cargo leak in my odyssey which turned out to be the drainage tube on the rear a/c unit was clogged, the drainage tube is located in the rear passenger wheel well and can be cleared using a wire or pipe cleaner

93 Honda accord ran out of gas?

If a 1993 Honda Accord ran out of gas, the best thing to do is to locate gas to fill it with. If you are not eligible for roadside assistance, the best thing to do is to walk to a local gas station.

Where do you Locate a starter on 1992 Honda Accord EX?

First open the hood, it will be to the left at the bottom right of the battery next to the trannmssion

Where can one find the IPL live score?

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Why doesn't your turn signal blink in your 1996 Honda Accord?

If a turn signal does not blink on a 1996 Honda Accord that it is time for it to be changed. To change the bulb and locate the light housing and remove the older light. Replace the light.

Why are your headlights not working properly on 1992 Honda accord?

If the headlights will not work properly on a 1992 Honda Accord than the fuse may be burnt out. To check the fuse locate it under the hood of the vehicle. The fuse box is behind the battery.

Power steering pump 1991 Honda Accord?

The power steering pump is located just above the alternator on the drivers side of the car. An easy way to locate it on a 1991 Honda Accord is to first locate the dipstick for your oil, then directly next to it is a pulley, this pully is mounted on youyr power steering pump, and is your power steering pump pulley.

How do you locate the fuse for the cigarette lighter in 2004 Honda Accord?

IT is number 9 you're welcome if u need help it will be located on one of the pages

How do you locate P0717 Input Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal for 2005 Honda pilot?

Turbine sensor. For a honda accord 05 lx

Where can you locate the fuse box on a 1994 Honda accord?

The fuse panel is located on the drivers side below the dash near the hood release. I have a 1994 Accord LX and the fuse box is actually on the PASSENGER side under the hood near the firewall.

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How do you recalibrate the sun roof on a 2008 mitsubishi eclipse?

I believe your car might still have warranty. Check that, and if you have it make dealer to worry about that. If you do not have warranty, you have to do it on your own. Each sunroof has adjustment screws (usually HEX-type screws). Locate those and use them to align your sunroof. You need more detailed instruction you better purchase repair manual for your car.

How can you locate the dash lights fuse on a 1999 Honda Accord to find out if it is causing the dash lighs do not work when you have the parking lights on after installing an after-market radio?

To locate the dash lights fuse on a 1999 Honda Accord to find out if it is causing the dash lights do not work when you have the parking lights on after installing an after-market radio, check the owner's manual. You can also find a fuse diagram at most auto part stores.

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 1994 Honda Accord?

The O2 sensor on the 1994 accord dx, lx, or ex is the same, and there are two O2 sensor on the 1994 accord, fornt and the rear. Fornt one is located on the top and it is right on the header and the rear O2 sensor should locate on your cat converter right in the middle of your car. So check which sensor that you need and replace it.

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Where do you locate fuel filter Honda Accord Euro 2.4l 2005?

its in the boot just beyond the spare tyre there is a housing which needs to be removed before you can access the fuel filter.