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Can you lose weight with psychosis?


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Definitely, unless medicated, then weight gain is more likely.
Weight is lost through curbed eating patterns and loss of appetite.
This is more prevalent in Bipolar disorder.


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It depends on the particular drug and what class of drug it belongs to. But for some of the most popular drugs it's generally the following; - Amphetamines (psychological addiction, psychosis, irritability, fatigue, weight loss) - Alcohol (physical and psychological addiction, brain damage, liver damage, cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach, early onset alzheimers, parkinsons disease, korsakoff's syndrome, coma, death) - Barbiturates (physical and psychological addiction, coma, death) - Cannabis (clouded thinking, forgetfulness, when smoked along with tobacco reduced stamina, weight gain) - Cocaine (psychological addiction, psychosis, anxiety, fatigue, weight loss, erosion of the nasal passages when snorted, lung problems when smoked) - Ecstacy (psychological addiction, psychosis, depression, fatigue, weight loss) - Ketamine (psychological addiction, psychosis, depression, fatigue - LSD (psychosis in people who have a tendency to it) - Magic mushrooms (psychosis in people who have a tendency to it) - Opiates (physical and psychological addiction, constipation) - PCP (psychosis)

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